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  1. This 348, along with 328 and 308, was NSX's rival back in the early 90's. Needless to say the NSX wins, hands down in almost every category, especially in the handling and reliability dept.! Although NSX of old (pre-1997) had only 276HP, it can still outrun this and other similar model Ferraris like the 308 and 328, beacuse of its lightweighted nature, thanks to aluminum chasis, suspensions, and body. I like the looks of the NSX a bit more (I'm a bit biased, being a practical guy and Honda fan and all :p). Come to think of it, it's just sooo amazing that in the last decade since we've seen the performance level of entry-level exotics came up a few notches since (and so did the price tag-it nearly doubled!). The F355 and the F360 is a testament to that, thanks to competition from Honda's NSX. Heck, even non-exotic your avg. joe's sports car like the Corvette (esp. the Z06) came a loonggg way since then to become the top track performer in its class and BEYOND its call of duty. It even beats out mild exotics such as the 2002 NSX-T and the 911 Carrera! Now isn't that something! Again thanks to Honda's NSX it woke up designers and engineers at GM (and pretty much everybody in the auto industry) to get their butts off the floor and start to do something about it. But as perfect as the Z06 might be on the track, it is NOT to be mistaken as an exotic. First off, it's pretty well-refined for a domestic car but NOT so if you compare to European and Japanese counterparts. Fit and finish just won't cut it and interior designs are just cluttered and asthetically unpleasing, typical of domestic cars. Cheap rubbermaid-like plastics are used instead of fancy wooden or leather dash panels and so forth. Second, it's not hand-crafted, and no exotic materials are used. Third, Corvettes are based around relatively low-tech engine (with the exception of the Z06 405 Hp LS1): The enormous 5.7ltr. V-8 cranking out 405HP (but a very efficient and powerful engine nevertheless). And lastly, no matter how cool the car looks, it just doesn't get heads turned like an exotic is supposed to do. Ferraris satisfy these criteria completely and has heritage of winning races over the expanse of 40 years in the WORLD scene. The NSX too, minus the latter part of my last statement.

    As much as I love my NSX, I'll admit that it's becoming more and more dated-not looks, mind you; it still has a very futuriatic styling, in a 90's way,--but it's no longer on top of the food chain in the performance dept., esp. after the new Z06 debuted recently. But nevertheless, it's still a gr8 performer amongst light-weight exotics and still retains its rightfully owned position, with the performance specs of a 2002 91 Carrera (Keep in mind that the Carrera of the 90's cannot come close to the performance potentials of the NSX). Being biased toward Honda, I hope they don't fail us loyal fans with their 2nd gen. NSX, due to debut by May of 2004, according to 2 Acura spokespeople that I've spoken to. WIth rumored 420+HP with V-8 config. and handling characteristics to match all that power, not to mention the usual exotic materials, hand-made craftsmanship and killer looks, and on top of that, Honda reliability, it will win back everyone's heart. One can only hope. Only time will tell.
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    BACK TO THE 90's the 348 will beats the nsx ass on the track,
    the 348 is designed to run on the track,very race oriented,a
    very hard ride,non asist steering,very heavy shift and clutch
    it's suppose to be run on the track.IT's not designed to be a
    practical everyday car.

    Its performance is identical with the 1999 911 carrea
    0-1km 24.7s,0-400m 13.6s.IT outrun the 90nsx and come
    close to the 2000 nsx(normal version,not the type-S)

    Anyway,they both have very similar performance and it really
    depends on who's behind the wheels.

    I would say in terms of passion,the sound,the craftmanship and the driving experience there's no way that the nsx can compare with any of the Ferrari,not matter it's 308 328 or 348.That's what the Ferrari really set the nsx and other cars like Porsche apart.
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    thats rite the ferrari is nicer
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    Piss on the NSX. Go with the Ferrari.
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    You piss on the NSx and I'll piss on you,lol
    Don't get me wrong I like the 348,Ofcourse i'd rather go with the Ferrari but the Acura is still a very good car.
    I'll take both if I had the money heh.
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    Maybe that was a little harsh, but c'mon! An F348 vs. an ACURA??? Even if the NSX is slightly faster it will never be the BETTER car. The NSX is good, there's no arguing that, but when it's parked next to a Ferrari.....the FERRARI gets most of the attention!
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    maybe, maybe...
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    Still lookin new!!
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    great if you really need attention then get the ferrari. while your driving around town enjoying the looks and getting 12mpg . I'll be alone in the NSX disecting some backroad twisties listening to that lusty v6 spinning at 7000rpm. Not to mention The cost of maintaining your ferrari requires a very fat wallet. I'll drive my supercar to work everyday and to the store to pick up eggs and at the track i'll come out on top. As for Ferrari Vs Acura in this case the Acura is faster, has far better build quality and is extremely reliable, very civilised and far cheaper to buy and maintain.

    don't get me wrong i love the ferrari and its a great car. If owning a car with a prancing horse on the hood is your dream then go for it. The Ferrari would definatly provide an experience as it has looks, sound, rarity and the prancing horse on the hood, but don't look down on the Honda because its cousins are civics and accords.

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