Did you name your AMG yet?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by rabbitl1, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. MY boss drives an ML63 AMG and he was talking to another guy who had also had an AMG Benz. The other guy asked him if he'd given his AMG a name. This is the conversation that followed:

    Other Guy: Have you named your AMG yet?

    My Boss: No... Why would I do that...

    Other Guy: I named mine "Black Lightning"

    My Boss: Ok...

    My Boss: I think I'll name mine "Clitoris".

    Other Guy: Clitoris?

    My Boss: Yea, because every **** has one...
  2. Rabble rabble rabble
  3. I hate to say it, but your boss has shit taste.

  4. I should make threads about things I hear peoplesay during the day
  5. The other day I drove an SL63, C63, E63 and CL63. Thank you AMG driving experience.
  6. Says the guy who gargles the balls of AMG...

    It's ugly as hell, but man that thing hauls ass!
  7. this thread has potential...
  8. Yes. Anyone who drives an ML63 AMG and isn't equipped with tits is not worth posting about.

    It's for suburban soccer moms with plastic bodies. Tell your boss to grow a set and buy a proper AMG.
  9. the other day i drove cars with the same engine with an automatic gearbox. thank you amg driving experience!
  10. Since they're vastly different cars I think it's allowable.
  11. They felt pretty different. The C63 felt the sportiest while the CL was just a big sofa with a big engine. Meh I will never turn down the opportunity to drive 500hp cars for free so lick my balls.
  12. The SL is the only one that's "vastly" different from the rest... And even it's not "that" much different...
  13. Right, because the C63 feels exactly the same to drive and sit in as a giant CL...

    Just quit while you're ahead. Shit threads do not merit the addition of shit opinions.
  14. Ya this.

    They all felt different, the E was the one I liked the least.
  15. I want an E63 so much it hurts.
  16. The C63 is just better except for space. It's the one that feels the most alive and I love the interior, and it doesn't look boring either.
  17. I kind of like the whole Dr Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing the relatively sedate-looking E-class has going on though.
  18. Benzes? wtF?
  19. Just call it AMGrulz.
  20. Has anyone driver/ridden in a 65 car? I wonder what the acceleration feels like
  21. I would expect in most real world cases, it's prolly not much different from the 63 aside from the sound.
  23. I saw a lady driving a SL65. I thrust my hips in her direction.
  24. Yah, like some blackberry fAg in his Cayenne S, what a horrible vehicle.
  25. what the #$%# is the point of the ML63?

    exactly, there isn't one.

    tell him to sell it and get an S65 (if they still make it)

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