Diesel Camaro??

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SuprJames, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. GM has a 349 HP, 550 ft. lb. turbo diesel engine said to be ready to drop into something. Supposed to be quieter then every diesel on the market, meet strict US standards, and compact enough to fit into a small vehicle.

    I think it would be awsome if they debuted the new Camaro with a diesel option.
  2. Don't even #$%#ing start this discussion again. It melted down quite quickly last time.
  3. Links?
  4. There was an article in Automobile magazine about it. 4.2 L from GM and a smaller one from Honda are the only two that currently meet US standards.
  5. yes again =)
  6. should put it in the Corvette.
  7. After watching those Audi R10's at Sebring, I'm all for Diesel. That really made a believer out of me. If they could package it right then it would be a great engine for the Vette.
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  9. And, make a diesel Crapvette and piss-off the fanboys.
  10. Put it in a Hummer H2 ffs.
  12. Whoops, forgot about that thread. People are stupid for not wanting this.
  13. +1
  14. This time, they finally could. It should fit from what I've read.
  15. There will never be a diesel for a camaro ok. But if GM really has a motor like this, i say start shoving it into malibus, monte carlos, trucks, everything besides the camaro or vette.
  16. ^^^prejudice.
  17. a deisel wouldprobably make the camaro andother gm cars moreattractive to europeans.

    deisels rock! so easy to tune, but better fuel mileage than gas engines.

    and torque galore to bootI am all for it.
  18. I say it should only be in the Camaro and Corvette, to set an example for the next generation of performance cars.
  19. Audi has already set a pretty damn good example.
  20. I hate the idea of diesel Camaros and corvettes.
  21. Yeah, but you can't buy a diesel Audi in the U.S. anymore.

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