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  1. So is diesel "done" now, in terms if making improvements in cleanliness and efficiency? Barring some incredible advancement in diesel tech, is this pretty much what we can expect from it? With all the automakers being found out for cheating on diesel emissions test, it seems like an indictment that they're doing as good as they can and had to cheat just to clear the bar for environmental tests.
  2. Diesel is far from over. It's way cheaper than petrol and you can make more miles before your tank gets empty.
  3. I don't see ships running on petrol anytime soon
  4. My 2.2L diesel van was carrying over 1000kgs of tile gear yesterday, and pulled it no problem.
    If its "done" in terms of cleanliness and efficiency, its always going to attract the heavy load carrying market regardless. Tradesmen, mining, ships, etc.
  5. Lol how is diesel "done" in terms of efficiency?
  6. BMW are putting a re-worked version of their triple-turbo diesel into the '50d range of cars. It has four turbos. FOUR.

    EDIT: more power than the old TTT, but they say 5% more efficient.
  7. I'm surprised there hasn't been as much progress in the sound of them as there have been in every other way, although I haven't really been around any of the higher end diesels ze germans make in awhile. That's probably the main reason 'mericans don't like them except in lifted dodge RAMS
  8. I rode in an F30 330d xDrive with the 8spd recently. Off the line, performance was pretty great, and all through the (admittedly relatively narrow) rev band. It didn't sound great, but I think V6 or V8 diesels that you get in normal cars (at least in Europe) sound better than their inline counterparts like BMWs

    EDIT: I looked up the 0-60 and it wasn't far off the E46 M3 which I still consider to be a proper "performance car".
  9. Since these days so many of the newer turbo engines have loads of torque down low, even under 2k, they drive a lot like diesels, and people love them. I mean hell, my Focus has over 250 ft lb at 2k. New GTI's are at 200 at 2k. To me at least they certainly seem to be more popular than the highly tuned but relatively weak torque wise NA motors like the 3.8 in the genesis coupe (348hp/295tq).

    As great as it is already, I have to think the BRZ would be a much better car with something more like a 1.5 ecoboost slightly tuned up to match it's 200hp. Even at it's normal 180/185 I'd certainly prefer it. Give it the 180/280 TDI from the GTD and we'd have a dorifto monster

    Gimme diesels. Gimme turbos. Gimme torque. I aint going to track days, I don't need 7k rpm. I'd bet my left nut that by far the primary reason for BMW going TT I6 for the M3 was because the S65 (while a great motor) was so weak torquewise.
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  10. Thank God, I thought this thread was gonna be about the clothing company.
  11. And the 3.5 turbo in the F-150 makes significantly more torque than the V8 at all RPM ranges, especially at low RPMs. The V6 is now the optimal towing choice.
  12. Diesel for cars has always been more of a niche here, especially in the last few years. A new, emissions-based tax, makes diesel cars (and the fuel) more expensive because it's more polluting. That's one little thing done right here.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. I tried to make my own but now my legs just smell like a duramax
  16. I didn't mean is everyone going abandon diesel. I mean is this as good as it's going to get? There's always going to be a future for it, but it seems like cheating on testing is a tacit admission that the bar is set too high and there's no way to meet the goals.
  17. I love my TDI. I wish the Passat BiTDI was available in the US.

    I think diesel hybrids are neat, and that might be the next step.

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