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  1. This might sound like a stupid question, but is there a difference between the Testarossa and the 512 TR? I just concluded that Testarossa was its nickname (that TR stands for "testa rossa" meaning "red head" I believe). But I started thinking that maybe the 512 TR was a suped up version of the Testarossa. I've had lasting arguments with friends about this, and we've been too lazy to look it up. Plus, there isn't a car under "Testarossa" on this site. Just wondering, have a nice day.<!-- Signature -->
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    Thanks dude.
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    Yeah and 512TR means 5 liter 12 cylinder Testarossa,just thought I'd point that out.lol
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    Oh and if you wanna see the 84 to early 90's Testarossa go to "PAST"
    supercars under F for Ferrari,lol.
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    the 512 wasn't used in miami vice.( was that the show with the incredibly bad t-shirt and sports suit fashion?)
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    No kidding, eh? Never thought a mid-80's car would be listed in the past cars, so I never looked for it (or noticed it) there.
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    Yeah, the differences were mainly cosmetic. The front end was revamped to contend with the new 348 so they opted for a trapezoidal grill and new light placements. The interior was redesigned to be more spacious, the engine produced another 38 HP and was lowered an inch to increase handling, the rims and brakes were new, and it had a few other improvements. The increased power and handling also helped it to reach a top speed of 190 MPH as opposed to the 181 MPH of the Testarossa.
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    i love thsi over the testarossa
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    deffinatly the 512tr is the best of the 3 vairents

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