Disk Drive wont open.....

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by DeanO, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. My cdrom drive wont open when I push the button.

    Is there another way to command it to open?

  2. Screwdriver

    Sorry wish I could help.
  3. There should be a small hole in front, you can push a small hard metal piece (cylinder formed ofcourse, like a thik needle) into this hole and force it open.

    WEll most drives ahve that hole.
  4. Reformat your computer. It is your only solution.
  5. there should be a small hole somewhere around it. stick a paperclip in there a few times and it will open a bit, then you can pull it out.
  6. Reformat Wheelman's computer. It is your only solution.
  7. It has the hole...

    Thanks I will try to find a needle.
  8. Use the tight hole

    edit: you don't need to lube for this one
  9. dammit you beat me to it.
  10. El classico

    Havent heard that in awhile.
  11. use an ocelot claw. just the right size for the hole.
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  14. If you have iTunes, you can order it to open it from there too, the button is at the buttom right.
  15. WMP, click Play at the top and it says 'Eject' at the bottom.
  16. I never knew until i saw the button in plain view in iTunes.
  17. maybe the cable is loose, do you have access to it, does it try to read?
  18. Play a game with it.

    "Simon says... Open!"

    Or you could always try the universal "Open Sesame!"
  19. Think outside the box - try puting your computer "around" your CD
  20. or just open my computer, select CD-Rom drive, then right click --> eject

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