dissed by Gordon Murray?

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  1. has anyone read the February and March 2003 issues of EVO magazine?

    Apparently, this car was dissed by Gordon Murray in an interview article in the Feb 2003 issue of EVO magazine.

    In the March 2003 issue of EVO magazine, there was a letter send by Mr Koenigsegg himself (Christian von Koenigsegg) refuting what Mr Murray said in the Feb issue. Mr Koenigsegg even invited Mr Murray to test drive the CC to show him that it is really a great car.
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    THat ass hole thinks everything sucks but his McLaren F1
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    I wouldnt doubt if his McLaren is fake.
    Some people need to open their eyes and except that there are other great cars out there, most of the time, there are better ones than their fav cars
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    There is no one car that is "THË BEST" every car has strengths and weaknesses. Some people prefer one to another. Both the Koenigsegg and McLaren are very similar in stats on paper and I bet if you drove both you would not be able to tell which is faster. You would just know that they are 2 incredibly fast and great cars.
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    No, i could tell. The koenigsegg is much faster. This one time my friend was going 92 miles per hour and then sped up to 92 and a half and i was like "thats much faster", and the clowns came and took him away. Where are you jerry, i love you?
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    I think i saw jerry, he and the clowns were going 90 and three quarters so they probably got way ahead of you after a while
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    gordon murray didn't say everything was crap ecept the mclaren f1. he likes a certain formaula for a supercar and to an extent i agree with him. he likes no electronic aids, RWD, low weight and natural aspiration, and i agree these are the best things for a car. he said the pagini was a good car and he hoped it succeeds. he dised the koenigsegg and edonis. i agree on the edonis, its ugly, overweight, and the engine design is stupid. low capacity per cylinder is a design that favours revving, but then what do they do, add massive boost turbo's to it to stop it revving. they would have been better just making the V12 7L - more power, more torque - less lag. he is up himself though. the keonigsegg certainly sounds great but b4 they start claiming 400kph they should prove it.
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    Ofcourse, most people dont realis that.
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    They almost did, it was in the rain as well. Read the high speed test forum.

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