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  1. So I saw District 9 last night. Without giving away anything it was quite interesting, shooting in the documentary style was a bit annoying at times, but helped play along the story nicely.

    Probably the best part was the Nigerians and their scams.

    Anyone else see it last night?
  2. I just came back from the movies then.

    What can i say? Really really amazing and beautiful movie. Peter Jackson is a beast, the story was great, the actors awesome, the CGI epic.

    Even more importantly, it got me questioning a lot of things. Racism was a major one. But just the way we exploit everything and in the end only hurt ourselves. Even got me thinking of some other issues like nationalism, abortion, stem cell research, testing drugs on animals, etc...

    Very very interesting movie and I highly reccomend it.
  3. any tits
  4. lol that's the point
  5. Just alien penor.
  6. I thought it was alright. The movie lost it's way though. There was so much potential and it just devolved into generic action movie half-way through.
  7. Peter Jackson was just the producer. If he made any creative decisions I will refuse to go see it.
  8. I watched it yesterday. It was good. I don't understand why the ship came to Earth in the first place and why the aliens were so defeated even though they had such advanced technology.
  9. It looks a lot better than Transformers.
  10. There's still a lot of questions unanswered, so it seems inevitable that there will be a District 10, for which I can't wait.
  11. Btw, murrikans probably spent half the film wondering 'Wuts a prawn??'<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  12. This will happen, however I don't think it should because it won't be better than the first. They should just leave those questions unanswered. Was a good film, will get mah blurayz
  13. District 10, the ship descends over Holmby Hills LA, and out comes Hugh Heff in his liesure suit and 5 blondes to represent the humans of the neighborhood.
  14. they explain how they lose their leaders for unknown reasons and as a result have no leadership to guide them in some sort of resistance against the humans. they're basically all lost.

    and we fed them so you know. we helped a bit. yay cat-food
  15. They just said they suspect their leaders died. However, CJ was clearly a leader-type, since he was smart, and so was his kid.

    What makes no sense is why CJ disconnected the command pod from the mothership, then spent the next 20+ years trying to reconnect it.
  16. No, I mean, why were the aliens stuck in their ship for 3 months until the humans cut their way inside and found them all malnourished? But, they also don't explain why they came to Earth either, and that was not what the movie was about so it's not such a big deal. But still, I'd like to know these things.
  17. Are you kidding me? you missed all those times where they said they didnt want to come to earth?
    As for why they never left the ship, probably because they had no guidance. They may not have even know that they COULD leave.
  18. it was alright
  19. sounds like they took some blatantly obvious issues that people like to mouth breathe about and put them into one huge shitty CGI movie for stupid people to watch and not have to furrow their brows to understand. In fact, it must be nice for them to come out of the theatre and think they "get the issues".
  20. best movie of the year
  21. Who are you?
  22. I might have missed it but the version of the movie I saw didn't have some of the clips I've seen on the internet. Like the interview in the dark room with one of the prawn about that subject.

    Can any other Australian confirm whether they had that scene in their movie? I'm thinking maybe different countries maybe have some scenes cut out?
  23. Yeah I don't get it.

    I cant remember at any point them saying 'they didnt want to come to earth' or remember any kind of interview scene with one of the aliens...
  24. Wasn't in US version either, but appeared in the US trailer. Probably got left on the cutting room floor, but will be on the Blurays, including Vikas sex scene with the prawn.
  25. I liked it a lot. It was about time someone made a new sci fi flick that was entertaining and original. It seems like everything coming out now is either a remake or a book or something to that effect.

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