District 9

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  1. yeah man books suck!
  2. gotta say I am not too excited about this one. Preachy/allegorical sci-fi movies always tend to piss me off.
  3. that's what I am looking for.
  4. Just saw it. I don't think you can look at it like a political commentary. To me it seemed like a love story.
  5. I saw it as a satire, pretty entertaining though.

    I didn't think CJ disconnected the bridge on purpose, I got the impression the ship was broken. That would explain why they ended up here, might have been an emergency stop.

    Also, maybe they couldn't get out because they were stuck? Because the ship was broken? Or literally they're worker drones and too stupid.
  6. 2 thumbs up!!!!!!! I loved it
  7. 2 thumbs up!!!!!!! I loved it
  8. 2 thumbs up!!!!!!! I loved it
  9. whoa 6 thumbs up
  10. I can only give it 3 thumbs up
  11. I can only give it 3 thumbs up
  12. I can only give it 3 thumbs up
  13. 11 Thumbs up from me
  14. I do believe its about Xenophobia?

    I think it was written around the time of those Xenophobic attacks in South Africa
  15. awesome movie.
  16. I don't think the film is only about xenophobia, but yes it is certainly a key theme. The other major theme IMO is about exploitation... i.e. how humans exploit each other, the aliens, the environment... etc.
  17. If it was set anywhere else it wouldn't have worked.
    In saying that, South African accents turn everything into comedy for me.
  18. I take it back... this movie opened up my eyes race relations, to how we view outsiders, conform to the mob, turn a blind eye to evil... It's like whoa! Totally new perspective.

  19. Haha yeah.

    I cracked up when he passed out during the middle of "Lets... cut... sum... caik..."
  20. I kept wanting Leonardo DiCaprio to walk in.
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  22. What's with the Peter Jackson hate?
  23. I'm guessing either Big Rob or VICIOUS.
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    Did anybody else think that Wikis sounded a lot like Jonah?

  25. i want to see it
    thanks for the spoilers jerks

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