divorced wastegate

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 360 GT' started by blaze4eva, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. what does the car have a divorced wastegate right behind the side window. i am under the impression that this car has an n/a engine, and wastegates are used to remove excess boost pressure that is caused by a turbocharger. so someone please explain what that is, or what's is function. secondly, why are the exhaust placed in the center of the back. how is this more efficient? i believe that teh pagani zonda c-12 S uses this as well. i was wondering why more cars dont use this type of design and in what way (technical explanation) of why it is better.
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    i dont see what you are talking about. i know that this car isnot turbo charged so there isn't a waste gate and if you are talking about the circular silver object on the side of the car that is the gas tank.
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    both mid-engined cars...therefore, it's easier to route the exhousts through the centre...less exhaust length...therefore (probably) more power. Also, it looks so cool!
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    i agree wid veyron man
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    looks like a divorced wastegate to me. i dont think its for gas as none of the other GT cars have em. i know what a divorced wastegate looks like and it looks like one. seeing as how its a mid engined car its in teh proper placement too. its the metal quasi circular looking object with a hole on the side of the car.

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