DJ Tiesto in concert

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ferrarista01, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. Got the DVD for xmas from my gf, she also got me a 6 lap drive of a V8 supercar (with me driving), and Simon Cowells autobiography.

    This DVD is really good, ive got it pumping on the Bose now while im in the study, he managed to fill a concert hall with 25000 people - amazing!

    Its really good, definatly recomend it if your into his sets.
  2. weren't you supposed to break up?
  3. Na, realised that she was the greatest girl in the world. Had to do some soul searching, and all is great with us now.
  4. you cheated on her ?
  5. What's up niggers?
  6. Shut it, Oscar.
  7. "Someone who has never made a mistake is someone who has never tried anything new" Einstien


    Back to the DVD biatch
  8. Oscar?
  9. mistake and cheating on girlfriend are different things. One you disrespect the other like woah.

    DVD; do you hear the people alot of it's just a little bit in the background? because some live filmed event have shitty sound sometime, due to the overcrowded area.
  10. na, the audio is direct from the decks

    You can hear background noise, but its mpeg quality
  11. What kind of car?
  12. You look like Oscar de la Hoya, but bigger.
  13. And more pimp.
    You should worship me.
    I'm pimp.
  14. whats your favorite dj tiesto song? i like traffic
    which teams car?
  16. Its a Auscar V8 Supercar, V8 supercars from previous seasons, maybe about 4 years old. i get to choose from a Ford or Holden
  17. I dont really like any of his songs, i like his sets more.

    He can string some really good songs together and his remixes are really good ie adagio for strings, he remixed that really well
  18. It will be a few years old, basically i get to choose from a Ford or Holden (obviously), im gonna try get the Ford.

    I still havent booked it, but i got the voucher so all i have to do is make the call
  19. dj tiesto - silence (in search of sunrise remix)

    thats my fave.
  20. awesome, i expect a thread on your experience after you're done.
  21. I'd go for Urban Train.
  22. Tiesto is so awesome, I saw him at Amnesia in Ibiza this summer. I also saw Armin van Buuren in Ibiza as well.
  23. Have you listened to Paul Oakenfolds Live @ home in space, Ibiza?
  24. No, and I could have seen him too but I never got around to going to space.
  25. just d/l it. It's good for a listen. Especially the Nailen and Kane song it opens up with/is the main theme.

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