Do all these have shift kits in them?

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  1. My friend has a Grand Prix GTP and I love that freakin car. We raced a pimped out civic and a pimped out camaro z28 beat both by at least 2 car links. An thats stock mine you all, his has a shift kit in it so he hits that button and it just flys. I was wondering do all of them have that in there? The best is beating manuals with a freakin automatic that'll make them cry.
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    They all have a performance shift buttons. Also a traction control button, tell him to hit that button too (turning tcs off)... I get the best results by shifting into 3 or lower in order to completely take off overdrive. I whooped a grand national and a mustang gt that way...
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    all the gtp's have the shift kits the gt's don't
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    what exactly is the shift kit? I have a GT and it has 1st 2nd 3rd and over drive. If I were to start and first and shift up, would that not accomplish the same thing as just hitting a button?
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    how do these have shiftkits? they are electronic shifting trannies, only way to do a "shift kit" is computer tuning to up the fluid pressure, is that what you mean?
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    they do have shift kit of the grand prixs. it firms up your shifts. you can choose how firm you want it.

    The shift kit you are talking about is the performance shift button.
    It simply tells the computer to changer gears at a higher rpm so you can get the full power range, especially since the gtp makes its highest hp at 5200rpms. It also tell you computer to downshift when you get on it. With the performance shift off, the computer changes gears at a lower rpm.

    you can find more at do a search

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    It basically has an option to prevent the car from shifting until the redline, and I think it also shifts quicker and more precisely, whereas the regular tranny would shift at lower engine speeds to conserve fuel and engine life.
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    Gtps only have performance shift, you can add it to a gt though, i have no idea how its doe but i have seen it before, check out the other gp forums for info. Performance shift really doesnt do much it just down shifts faster, and holds gears a bit longer during normal driving, it doesn hold to a higher rpm though when racing. no real performance gains though, maybe at a rolling start but it doenst do jack in the quarter mile.

    So my next question is why ad it to a GT, spend you money on horsepower not stupid sh*t. it honestly wont make your car faster, trust me i have it in my gtp.

    just a note 97 gtp's dont have traction controle, its 98 or 99 when they sarted putting it in. turn the traction control off when racing it robs you of power!
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    they took the perf shift out of the gp's in 01. 00 was the last year for it.

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