Do I look like a douchebag?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SuprJames, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. i'll judge you if you want but i have no right to when i'm sporting an avatar as such
  2. Aww shucks. Too bad it's hard to find time to workout over here in Ireland.
  4. you look american. thats all.
  5. where are the poll options?
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    Although I had to urbandictionare the meaning.

    Haa! I´ll exploit the homoerotic references in this thread...

    We had the launching celebration for our town being culture capital in Europe 2011. made-up artistic nonsense + fireworks. It was -18 last evening and -24 when I got home after midnight. Still crazy many came to watch the show.

    There is also a gallery exhibition about gay drawings artist Touko Laaksonen, Tom of Finland creator.
  7. You look like a cool dude/douchebag.
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    Negre, please
  9. Americans love attention, anytime a camera is pointed at them they spaz out and do stupid things with their hands, and nobody seems to knows why.
  10. And black Americans never laugh in pics
  11. Maybe if you smoke cigarette, look more cool and less like "douchebag" in photo.
  12. that is one masculine jawline, my favourite since Wheelman's
  13. are you gay?

    (srs qusztion)
  14. Best jawline belonged to chevy, that thing was all business
  15. that jaw could exert 500 lbs sq in of pressure
  16. The guy on the left looks like the bigger douche
    You seem fine, srsly
  17. (sigh) always someone stronger/better looking/making more money/etc.

    One night on Clematis in West Palm reminds me of this fact over and over and over.
  18. pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump it uppppp
  19. No, but speaking of that I'm loving my freaking Miata man. Seriously, best car I've ever owned by far. Do have to get it painted/looking more manly soon. One thing to have a girly car, but it's another to have a girly car that looks like crap.
  20. color you are looking for?
  21. Moon Rock Metallic from the S2000 (I think I'm just wishing my car looked as good as S2000)

    That, with flat black 15x9 6UL wheels, a rear lip spoiler, racing beat front bumper, TDR splitter (really just to protect the bumper), and Euro black lights. Also, have a hardtop and roll cage is going in.

    Already ordered the 15x9's and a big brake kit using Wilwood dynalite calipers up front and 11" rotors all around.
  22. love the color (in before gray haters)

    Also love the wheels, that will look nice.
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    I'm pretty excited about it. There are a few details on the body I'm still trying to workout in my head. I'm trying to decide between painting the rear finish panel...this piece:

    flat black or body color. The door handles I'm painting body color and the hardtop mechanism (rear of hardtop) that is chrome now will be flat black. Front emblem will also be flat black.

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