do u catch pokemon

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  1. if so, is it good? any fun featus? I dunno, but I see people do it and i'm like wut lol
  2. Still hasn't launched here.
  3. No, but out of the 14 people in the little restaurant where I had dinner tonight, 4 were actively going back and forth across the restaurant catching them.
  4. I caught just one.

    Used up all my data for this month by streaming the last GoT episode over 4g... so i have to wait 2 weeks i guess. Some of my friends are proper hooked though.
  5. I like to poke your mom lol

    Just a joke
  6. Its alright but it's not gonna stick around. Why can't you battle your friends?
  7. dlc inbound
  8. I'm not 12yo so no
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  9. Played it a bit today and got bored of it in 10 minutes
  10. I don't play games like this (don't even have the hardware for it) but I think it's quite genius and will lead up to funny memes and shit
  11. Not available here
  12. Nope not yet. People are already losing their minds. Theres been a stabbing, couple people have fallen off a cliff, and there been a few large accidents on the freeways due to Pokemon and drive, and I heard there was a stampede in Central Park NY. Just seems more trouble than its worth.
  13. Someone needs to hack it so it tells people they will get 1,000,000 poke-balls if they put a bullet in their brain. Then maybe we can thin the heard.
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  14. Little bit here and there.

    I got a Pikachu this morning, that was kinda cool.
  15. And by heard, I mean herd. Ya heard?
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  16. It seems to be pretty popular around here, but I'm not getting into it so far. Two different lakes surrounded by public park within a 10 minute drive around me had literally thousands of people each at them last week.
  17. I saw a shit ton of people loitering across the road from my house. Downloaded this game and found out there is a fucking pokemon gym at the bus stop there. Suddenly my quiet neighborhood has turned into a fucking zoo.
    I hate this game with a passion already.
    Little fuckheads gathered there all staring at their phones.
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  18. Available now. My dad installed it on his phone. He's walking around the neighborhood now. Idiot hahaha
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  19. This is getting kids out of their house. For that, I applaud it.
  20. i feel like Ill download this sometime just so I can experience it/relate to people

    it is funny how this game is getting all kinds of kids out of the house
    Local lake had endless gaggles of teens walking around with phones ready

    then the news is filled with all kinds of reports of stuff happening to pokemon goers
    the media is warning us of the dangers of going outside!
    Strangers! robbers! getting hit by cars!
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  21. People talk about this thing, I just point out Im old and return to Counter Strike.
  22. Easier to rape
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  23. Was cycling to a friend tonight. Holy shit so many people walking around with their phone
  24. I didn't look at it that way. Thanks for the pointer

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