do u catch pokemon

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  1. Yeah now they're all just sitting indian style in the middle of the sidewalk by the "gym" for all hours of the evening
  2. Was on my usual way home last night and I saw hoards of people randomly walking around a park past midnight. At least its getting people out of the house I guess. Pokemon is also encouraging natural selection, which is a good thing.
  3. yes actually I am playing it pretty heavily on my time off. After 84 hours of that office I need a good distraction.
  4. Our apartment is full of zubats.
  5. my house had a Snorlax, Scyther, Magmar, and a Cubone in it
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  6. Still a step in the right direction.
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  7. **** I'm a level 5 already, just one numb day and presto, I'm hunting pokemans
  8. I'm still waiting for pokémon GO XXX edition
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  10. Pls don't ban, just delete post.

    Will not repeat.


    It was just too befitting.
  11. i like this pokeman the People caught
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  12. It's capitail, a greed pokemon. It evolves from rychkide at level 22 and with a moneystone (diamond) it can evolve into a rockyfella. It's special attacks are lawsuit, smug look and bribe.
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  13. hes so sweet
  14. Aaaand the saddest parents in the world award goes to...
  15. It's nice to see a kid with terminal cancer given the chance to make a song like that. Look how much fun he has.
  16. Giving the rest of the world ear cancer #sharethepain
  17. these videos always remind me of choredateRap.mp4
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