Do you introduce yourself to new neighbors?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Rigidreaves, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. I always had this predisposition that neighbors should introduce themselves to new move ins, but this has never been the case everywhere I move to. My parents always introduced themselves to new neighbors (when the neighbors were white...) and I do too, but why do others not do this?
  2. My girlfriend always does. ANd then drags me along. It's ugh.
  3. depends, I usually do when I meet them in the stairs / outside etc. I won't go knock on their door, that's too USA.
  4. We had two older guys rent an apartment across my street. One random day I was bored at work I went to the sexual offenders government site, and one of them are on it. #$%#ing creepy. They always just sit in lawn chairs in their driveway until 11 at night. Freaks me out when I pull in after hanging out with friends and see them staring at me when I pull into my driveway and go inside.

    Besides that, our neighbors have a tight as shit bond. They're mostly all old so everybody watches everybody (Cuz thier old and bored and shit)
  5. Yeah this. I'd just give them a yo welcome we're jus' chillin when I meet them outside.
  6. yeah when black people like ralphe move into the neighborhood we get in our white ghost costumes and knock on their doors
  7. I've met one of my neighbors. The only other people I've met are the ones that came by to see what was making all the noise in my garage.
  8. not usually but if they are chill i will

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