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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from pontiacgto1974</i>
    <b>i have one thing to say, mercedes sucks</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    i have 4 words to say - "You are an idiot"
  2. Looks like my pop's tractor

    It does,but his tractor 25hp instead.
  3. Rennwagen ?

    I did A-level German but I haven't spoken a word for 2 years, if I remember rightly Rennwagen is sports car, am I correct in saying that ? I'm really quite impressed by this, 53 MPH top speed ? wow! the 1950's Porsche 356A's only just topped 80 if I remember rightly, this must have been quite a beast, especially looking at those tyres, I would want to take a corner flat out in one of them <IMG SRC=""> lol.<!-- Signature -->
  4. Re: Rennwagen ?

    renn means race, wagen is vehicle, if I'm not mistaken.<!-- Signature -->
  5. Re: No Way!

    In Germany a sportscar usually is called a "Sportwagen" or a "Sportauto". A Porsche 911 for example. A "Rennwagen" is a little bit further up the ladder as it is built for track use and has in most cases no permission to drive on public roads due to the lack of headlights or certain safety features. There are racecars which were modified to pass the regulations to get a permission to drive on public roads though, like the Dauer Porsche 962, the Mercedes CLK-GTR or the Porsche 911 GT1.
  6. it's shit

    am I supposed to be afraid of the little moddies running after me? I think not.<!-- Signature -->
  7. Re: it's shit

    wow, that hurt. They deleted my account. NOW I'M REAL SCARED!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  8. Re: it's shit

    This was made over 100 years ago. How old are you 10? That's all I have to say.
  9. Re: it's shit

    For god sake you would have loved this car if you were allowed out of the asaylum in 1900. I have to agree with you on vipers but dont be so bloody babyish for god sake get a life
  10. Re: it's shit

    I agree with the last guys. Grow up. This car is possibly the great-grand-father of most racers. Especially the Silver Arrow-era cars. Those were good cars. And you are right about vipers, but dont waste so much space. It just invalidates anything you say because it proves you are childish.<!-- Signature -->
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    Someone needs to grow up. Go back to school and learn some history you moron.<!-- Signature -->
  12. Re: it's shit

    stupid 10-year old is banned<!-- Signature -->
  13. sucks

  14. Re: sucks

    sucks<!-- Signature -->
  15. Re: sucks

  16. Re: sucks

    its shit<!-- Signature -->
  17. Re: sucks

    only a #%$ would like this
  18. Re: sucks

    or a loser with no life
  19. Re: sucks

  20. Re: sucks

    YOU suck! This car's amazing<!-- Signature -->
  21. Re: sucks

    why do they let #$%#ing idiots like that on this site anyways?
  22. Re: sucks

    r u sum kind of JACKASS muther fuker who dont nnoo jack shit about carzz?????this was tha shit 102 yearz ago...baq than this was tha CLK-GTR (4 idiotz like u that dont no CLK-GTR iz a Benz) ok so y dont u think n uze ur noodle 1st(if u have 1) than bark stupid shit...
  23. Re: sucks

    I think this guy should be reported to the Mods.<!-- Signature -->
  24. Re: sucks

    Can we get this guy banned. Come on, one of you people who can report others, get this guy off of here.<!-- Signature -->
  25. Re: sucks

    He is now. sucker :p<!-- Signature -->

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