Do you like hot sauce?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Pinin, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. What ones do you like?

    At the moment I can't get enough of this stuff
  2. love hot sauce , I can't eat rice if it doesn't have franks on it.

    I don't like tobasco style sauces though ,or anything that is too heavy handed on the vinegar.
  3. sambal bajak
  4. I like hot sauces, preferably something that has an actual flavor besides just being spicy, but even typical hot sauce is good imo.

    Wing place near me has a Mango Habanero sauce, so good.
  5. I make this Jerk chicken curry wrap with sweet potatoes

    -take chicken and cook it in a fair amount of jerk sauce ,
    -at the same time roast a peeled sweet potato in the oven with olive oil
    -mix mayo with some yellow Curry.

    when its all done heat the tortilla wrap and cut the jerk chicken up and the sweet potato lay down a layer of the curry mayo with another splash of jerk ... then add the chicken and sweet potato wrap and enjoy ...

  6. I really like this hot sauce dip you get at Dominos
  7. And Nandos

    Nandos is unbeatable
  8. i like mild to medium stuff. hot sauces ruin my ability to enjoy the food.
  9. this. really hot stuff just overpowers everything.
  10. Yeah the Nandos one is good too
  11. do you make your own jerk sauce (no homo)?
  12. I have in the past but most of the time I just get the presidents choice stuff . Had a bottle brought back from the Caribbean from a friend that was outrageously spicy but its long gone.

    You ?
  13. I've never made jerk chicken but I'm a big fan.
  14. You'll love the jerk chicken wrap , all that spice balanced with the smoothness of the mayo and the sweetness of the potato
  15. i like hot but not too hot innit
  16. what does the innit add to that sentence
    i guess im wondering why include it
  17. Tapatio DUH its like the only one
  18. well u just do
    do u understand like
  19. i think im getting it
  20. Omg like. Heard that everywhere when I was in Newcastle.
  21. Silly white man.
  22. When i was at Newcastle airport I walked past one of those men from the AA and he said

    Alreet meeete wanna joyin the eeeeeyy eeeeeyy?
  23. lol +1
  24. cock sauce is yummy
  25. not into spicy stuff at all

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