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  1. No. But if I am going to buy my wife a car I am probably going to buy her a car that she wants. Not some obscure car that she has never heard of because I think it's cool.

    My wife tells me all the time that her favorite/dream car is a Diablo.
    So if I ever had the money to buy her an awesome car I wouldn't show up with an Ultima or Donkervoort, I'd show up with a fuckin Diablo.

    Maybe our wives being selfish isn't an issue. Maybe you are just too selfish to realise that you just Bought yourself a fucking car by hiding it as a gift for your wife.
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  2. Lol "for the wife".
  3. Man, you are a walking pile of contradictions. And pretty damn sensitive about it when other people point it out.

    First, the way you described how you shopped for cars sounded like you were looking for a car for you, not for your wife. You said you got this car because it made your inner child glow with happiness. Clearly you are buying this car for you, not for your wife. I hope she's madly into cars, otherwise this gift will make no sense.

    Second, reliability was a central issue for you. Then you settle for a small manufacturer, that probably has iffy build quality. Now you don't seem upset that the car has faulty gauges, headlamps, knobs, and heater.

    Third, you seem to care too much about what other people think. The car has potential to be a thrilling driving machine. It has power, it has the Noble underpinnings. You should be happy about owning something that will probably be exciting to drive. And yet the first thing you noted about the initial impressions of the car was how much attention you were getting in it, and how people came to you. Jesus Christ man. You sound like the worst type of car owner out there.
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  4. didn't know you knew my wife so well. You must be such a player. Are you even married?
  5. I also said this was about sharing that youthful experience. It's about opening up.

    I know you want me to be sensitive about it, but I'm not. it just never ceases to surprise me how I'm viewed as the inferior lifeform when the relationship i have on this forum is not only two way, but clear moments where I've done well get dismissed. It's as if you love to hate on me. And that makes me feel not so inferior at all.
  6. and you may notice I take long spells of inactivity. I only ever come back to remind you guys that I'm winning.

    it's been a strong driver in my life, not just you all, but everywhere. To remind people, consistent and repeatedly, that i am winning. I love being dismissed because, when i go and buy a supercar, they are laid bare and it's very satisfying. They have nothing but hate and quips and "you keep telling yourself that"

    and i will keep telling myself that. Cause i have now than just words to back it up.

    what do you really have? Blanket ambitionless happiness? It comes across in your hatefulness, rest assured
  7. Re-read my post dipshit.
    I didn't talk about your wife at all. I was literally talking about my wife and the car she loves. And that if I had the money to buy her her dream car, that's what I'd buy her. Not the car I want to buy myself.
    And that you are such a selfish twat that you bought yourself a car and are hiding it as a gift for your wife.
    The fact that you are still hiding it from her in a storage locker or whatever till the 18th or whatevet her birthday is. but have been sneaking out and driving it yourself also shows how much of a twat bag you are.
    Basically in conclusion you've proved that youre a self centered douchebag. And on top of all that you just went off about coming back here to prove to us you are "winning".
    Another example or your selfish self centered twatness.
    Don't bother coming back next time. We don't care.
    Tell your wife we all say congratulations on your husbands cool car.
  8. Oh. And trust me. Buying a 75k car isn't anything many of us haven't done. My fucking pickup truck is worth 75k. My wife's truck is worth 55k. My Genesis R-spec was 65k.
    Don't get too high and mighty because you bought a used 75k sports car.
  9. see now that is emotional sick boy.

    my wife is gonna love this car. But Ps, I drove it twice. Once from the dealer in Fort Wayne to my parents house, them once from my parents house to the storage. I really mean it when i say it's hers. 6 days a week or more. The joy it brings me is 90% seeing her in it and thinking how much of a keeper she is.
  10. But you said....
    Soo which is it? You took it for a long drive and got a lot of attention? Or you just drove it from the dealer to your parents and then to the storage?

    I am starting to think you are completely full of it.
    You just went in and test drove it. Stopped in a parking lot and took a few pics. The guy standing next to it in the pics is the salesman.
  11. OK OK. Let's calm the situation.

    Honestly man. I am actually stoked on the car and that you bought it. If you actually did.

    It's the way you approached this situation.

    Like most of the people here would have been like
    "Hey guys. Was looking for a reliable sporty blah blah blah car for my wife for her bday.

    But my inner child got the better of me and I bought a god dn Rossion.
    Guess I get a sweet fuckin car and a box of chocolate for my wife. LOLZ!"

    This whole thread would have been us laughing and saying "**** yeah!"

    Instead you handled it like a twat and got a twat response and then you handled that like a twat too.

    So in short. Congrats on the car. I really hope your wife likes it. And quit being such a twat so we can stop being twats back.
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  12. now that you're super calm, I'm going to pm you my wife's phone number. you could spoil the surprise entirely. It could be my phone number, but who knows maybe you're right about me and i am really that much of a twat to give you her number.

    I'm sure super calm you won't do a thing. And i really want to believe it's just me being a jerk that caused this, so
  13. Captain's log: it has now been 5 years since everybody lost their sense of humor. If anyone ever reads this distress signal, know that we fought till the (literally) bitter end.
  14. Well I don't know who's number you pmd me. But I am definitely not enough of a dick to ruin the surprise.

    BUT be prepared or prepare her for an extreme influx unsolicited dick pics.
  15. Yesterday I went to the movies and I ordered a large popcorn and a large drink. "You won't be able to finish all that" my wife told me.

    You know, this has been a strong driver in my life, not just her belittling my masculinity, but also all the bullying during my childhood, my work colleagues saying I'm incompetent, my father never saying that he loved me, my weird body shape and short stature that always made women laugh.

    I love being dismissed because, when I finished eating that fucking metric ton of popcorn, and finished gulping 12 litters of coke and had my bladder almost bursting, it laid everything bare and it's very satisfying. I'm just winning. Later today I'll go to the shooting range and I'll empty a full magazine of rounds with my AK, and I'll suppress all that insecurity inside of me. People have nothing but hate and quips and "you keep telling yourself that", but fucking yeah, I'm a winner. Also, I have AIDS.

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  16. why suppress it? a little insecurity can go a long way towards developing successful behaviors. My 820 Pt credit score is a result of insecurity about my debts. Nothing wrong with feeling a little insecure about your image, it's the primary reason people dress up to job interviews or even dress themselves at all. I suppose you will read it as an over reaction. a loss of control. Indeed spending that kind of money just to prove some point would be over reacting.

    But your reaction to a car i I was buyng anyways, that came completely free of charge.
  17. PM me. I can probaly tell you. For cereal.
  18. I dress up because I'm handsome as ****. Keep bros like you 'mirin.
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  19. ........... fancy car brag......... credit score brag........... winning brag...........
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  20. if he gives the number to you, he might as well post it publically.

    You're all classy people. I'm sure you'll do the classiest thing.
  21. how insecure of me to flaunt, like some sort of angsty spring chicken
  22. [​IMG]
  23. Why would you give someone the number in the first place man?

    Also, TBH, it did seem like you getting a gift on her b'day. There was no mention of how she'll enter and exit the car and what not. That wasn't a judgement though, it was an observation. I'm sure everyone would love to see u guys enjoy the car.

    Either way, i doubt anyone really cares whether you're "winning" or not. No need to take everything so seriously.
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  24. I did it to create a moral dilemma. Ultimately, digs didn't even have to look at the pm, so it's entirely on him how he uses the information.

    but woot said i wouldn't fit in the car, so i thought it was necessary to address that since i am a large person. And because, at this point, I'm the only one with actual impressions to share.
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    I read the PM. I just don't care.
    I am not going to use the number that's in it. Whether it's real or fake. You or her.

    Btw: members have not just singled you out. We didn't all get in a huddle and whisper "hey, let's all shit on CSL for no reason"
    90% of your posts have a cunty undertone to them. So we in return are cunty back.
    As I've said before "if one person calls you an asshole, that person is probably the asshole. But if everybody calls you an asshole, YOU are probably a fuckin asshole."

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