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  1. Lol you did it to appease w00t.
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    He might take good care of his car and his wife, he's just the worst type of member out there. Always trying to play some silly mind games, extremely arrogant yet very thin-skinned. Ostentatious displays of wealth are bound to elicit some negative responses, to which he would reply something along the lines of: "Ha! I knew you peasants were going to react in such simian ways, that was my master plan all along!"

    That's why I didn't want to comment on this thread although I do like his choice of car. I haven't driven one but I do like the idea of being able to afford a quasi-trackday mobile someday. Or a fast bike. Or an experimental aircraft. Preferably all of those, but most likely I'll be lucky to acquire one before I'm middle-aged. Maybe two if I toned down the hedonism with oral pleasures down a notch but that's not going to happen.
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  3. so its not new?

    is it not expected that this stuff works?
  4. We're so close to the old gen chat here. All we need is some Wheelman, Stewacide, & Longnecker to make it feel like home.
  5. haha i replied before i read page 4 of this thread. this shit went off the rails

    csl I think your car is cool, but i think your butthurt rants and brags about how little you care to be funny too

    cant the rest of us members enjoy both
    congrats to you and your wife. you truly have a rare woman to enjoy a gift of this sort
  6. i wish Spyder757 were here
  7. for REAL

  8. You should get your wife to join if that's the case.
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  9. did you really read stewacides posts? I had always figured you just saw peoples opinion of him and rolled out your stewacide for sewacide yard sign to score cheap e-popularity points.
  10. the kind that caused the forum to go down twice?

    the kind that gets an eighth user name after the first seven get banned? Way to take a hint, btw.

    "I grew inside. You grew outside"

    there, I made the fat joke dodge for you. I'll take my epopularity in the form of exactly 0 respect.
  11. This thread got weird.
  12. fucking LOL @ this. I'd totally forgotten about it.

    He met up with the Victoria lads, and supposedly had one single beer and it fucked him up. Threw up and shit.
  13. That's what she said.
  14. so weird
    i wonder if they caught him at a weird time, or he was super nervous, or hes just a crazy weirdo
  15. I think Stewacide was my arch enemy here for a while. We would argue about everything and he totally hated Israel and everything related to it.
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    I don't understand the appeal. His u/n was already a portmanteau of Stuart and suicide. It wasn't clever.

    I know diggs says there isn't "mean girls" collusion, but it's pretty hard to believe in the face of bandwagoning onto the cheesiest lulz just to single someone out.
  17. He must be one of those, Jews hate whites and control everything people. I read people saying how Jews pay BLM to attack whites. I'm like WTF, most Americans think Jews are white.
  18. No, that would be me. You're the kind that behaves like a fucking c*nt for no apparent reason other than for the sake of behaving like a fucking c*nt.

    Dunno who that is but those are some rookie numbers.

    I don't even know what this is... makes about as much sense as some drunk hobo's ramblings.
  19. Dude. Quit whining already.
    Your like the guy that keeps getting shot down at job interviews. Then says "I don't get it, everybody is against me. These companies are assholes, no matter what I do I can't win..."
    Meanwhile you are showing up to these interviews wearing a trench coat with a swastika on it. And the job is in a lawyers office.
    But you're right everybody is against you. And singling you out for now reason.

    When I used to post here years ago as MR.VETTE. I was a young mentally unstable dipshit. 99% of the people here hated me. Then one day I realised. Holy shit "I am the asshole, not them" took some time away. Came back with a different mentality and attitude. Now I seem to get along with most people here just fine.
  20. this is pandabeat on twitter. cant go a single day without pointing out (((jews))) arent white
  21. again youre mad because you dont understand how the rest of us are successfully communicating, and you want to make it our problem
  22. Some are since white is a color, not a race/ethnicity/gender/helicopter.
    My mom's parents immigrated from Mexico and people would say she's white.
  23. Lol I talked shit and knew I was an asshole.
  24. You can't repent from that

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