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  1. We have board meetings every Wednesday to decide on who we are going to pick next.
  2. i think its funny that pandabeat thinks that when that wall gets built the white supremacists will welcome him on their side
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    Whaaaaa. You are mixing a bunch of different things there.

    First, when people say that a person is "white" they are not talking about the visual perception of different wavelengths, like blue our green. "White" is not simply a color when talking about people. It is a race, and it can be an ethnicity.

    White North Americans are very different from White Latin Americans, even though both look white. Even the average Black British person is very different from the average Black American person (yay for Britain being a lot less institutionally racist and not ever having racial segregation).

    I look white, my parents look white, my sister looks white, and yet because I was born in South America and lived there my whole life I'm not the same as an American that looks the same as me. I didn't grow with american habits. And unless your grandparents were a super rare case of a very americanized Mexican couple, I doubt they could pass as a corn-fed, AR15 totting, God-Bless-The-USA white person only because they look like white people in the US. Your mom, if she was born in the US or lived there long enough since an early age, could be considered "white american". She would probably behave and think much more like an american than like a mexican, even if here mexican parents had a big influence n her.

    So you are correct in a sense that a lot of american jews or mexicans could pass as "white american", specially if they are not religiously conservative and/or if they are fully americanized. Shit, Bob Dylan is jewish, and also the most american person alive. But you reach this conclusion through a super simple mentality of: "this is all about color, a white person is white, duh, every white is white, I'll stop thinking now because it hurts"
  4. Correct.

    A lot of the white supremacist mentality in America nowadays is not about the "White Race" but about the "White, westernized ethnicity". Steve Bannon has a hard-on for traditional judeo-christian values that supposedly made american great, like the protestant work ethic and the concept of self-reliance.

    PandaBeat is from Uruguay. The vast majority of South America, including Uruguay, is not protestant, but catholic. South Americans don't have a strong concept of self-reliance, they depend a lot on family, community and government support.

    If PandaBeat thinks Steve Bannon would receive him with arms open he is fully delusional.
  5. this is clear from his twitter feed
    i get a lot of satisfaction to see him shouting his hate out on twitter to zero reaction. most get no likes or retweets despite his desperate reaching out to people, like david fucking duke, etc
  6. I honestly didn't at the time. I would lie/make shit up. Talk shit, do whatever in thought it took to fit in. I was so eager to make people like me that I would make shit up and attack people or whatever because I thought that's what everybody wanted to hear or see and that it'd make me cool. When it didn't work I got mad and blamed everybody else. Not realising that what I thought would make people like me actually made thme hate me.
  7. You posted a lot just to agree. I bet you like to hear yourself talk. And no, white isn't race, Caucasoid is. And not being religiously conservative has **** all to do with someone "passing as white". Someone's religion dictating the pigment of their skin is silly.
  8. What a lucid, in-depth and academical analysis of the world, as usual.
  9. I'm pretty white.
  10. I know.
  11. Are you religiously conservative? Because you can't be white if you are.
  12. I'm confused now. You just said you were from New Zealand.
  13. NZ is like SA, amirite?
  14. I'm not, but why not?
  15. Yeah just like San Antonio
  16. It is.

    Yet about 150 years ago Irish weren't exactly considered "white" because of their religion. One can find several examples in British and American literature where the Irish were portrayed along these lines: [​IMG]

    There's some truth to what Sick Boy said about nuance; Idol's white is yet another shade of sandnig brown in my eyes. Some South African Boers once commented about my dad being "coloured" because he had a bit of a tan in a photo.

    No, I wouldn't regard a Danish white person as a member of some other perceived ethnicity or race if he/she/apache became a devout practicioner of Haitian voodoo. Besides, race or ethnicity is a fucking arbitrary concept and shouldn't be taken into account, except when administering medications/treatments sensitive to some genes, until methods to accurately identify the problematic alleles become available.

    It's hard enough to determine what exactly constitutes an Albanian, let alone an American.
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  17. Because your cremated remains aren't white.
  18. Jews in Europe did enough mixing to blend in, in the physical sense, for the most part. We're quite pale and I have blue eyes. Our noses are long and we have some weird diseases, but that's due to some inbreeding.

    Also WTF happened to this thread. Probably the best thread of 2017 so far.
  19. I'm under the impression that early immigration to Israel was predominantly from Eastern Europe. Russians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Poles, Czechs, Germans, Ukrainians and such. Lots of Arabs did move to British Palestine and later Israel too. Where are your ancestors from?

    Most people automatically associate Arabs with Islam but let's not forget that Arab Jews and Arab Christians are a thing. Being an Arab doesn't protect you from *insert dictator or spanish inquisition* if you happen to be the wrong kind of Muslim, an Alawite, Zoroastrian, Jewish or Christian. But being the most non-heretic follower of whatever the state religion happens to be doesn't protect you from these either, if you happen to be the wrong kind of Arab, an Armenian, Kurd, Azeri, Druze, Turkmen, Dom or Farsi. It's a shit deal, honestly. And the flags of all these states that have let pogroms happen in the 21st century are toilet paper in my book.
  20. The vast majority of Israeli Jews are no more than 2nd-3rd generation here. Most of our grandparents were born someplace else. Mine are all from Europe (a mix of Polish, Romanian, Slavic and Italian). A good 1.5 million of us are of Russian descent, who mostly got here after the fall of Communist Russia (i.e early 90's). There are some darker-skinned Ashkenazi Jews (probably with some sort of Spanish or Turkish blood in them) and lighter-skinned Arabic Jews (mostly the ones from Iraq/the Levant).
  21. By the way, our Italian side, only recently rediscovered, isn't at all Jewish.
  22. this is basically it
    the rest of it is basically tribalism based on the easiest most surface way to distinguish us v them, inside the wall v outside the wall
  23. Demographic statistics of Polish and Romanian Jews from the 40's are depressing. There were like 3,5 million Jews in Poland in 1939, by 1945 that number had fallen to 300 000. Nearly all of the worst battles in human history were more survivable than being a Jew in Poland during WW2, save for suicidal Japanese resistance later during the war.
  24. Yup, my grandparents were all Holocaust survivors.
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  25. Yes but it's ridiculously arbitrary. When there's no "common enemy" (hostile extraterrestial aliens, Mexicans, Nazis, Japanese, Soviets or Irish), people will quickly go back to hating other people from the same city who are from the wrong side of the river, or have a different skin tone. Sports hooliganism is probably the epitome of tribalistic chauvinism. All the Hemistage-type jingoists, racists, demagogues, religious hate preachers and warmongering dictators are very much like Millwall fans, it's just their audience and target group that vary.
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