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  1. you know what i dont get about holocaust deniers?
    it always comes from people who hate jews right?

    so theyre like
    'the holocaust did NOT happen
    but i wish it did'

    am i getting something wrong? what is their point?
  2. I'm happy that some made it out of there alive... and didn't stay for Stalin's sloppy seconds. Although the holocaust survivors going trough the worst times would have probably disagreed with the statement that "the survivors will not envy the dead", it has proven to be true.
  3. Except we aren't talking about people in funny hats 100 years ago or Arbaniastan. The conversation he inserted himself into was in regards to Freedom USA#1 and the BLM. I pointed out the fallacy in the conspiracy theory that Jews are paying BLM and black Americans to overtake whites.
    The problem with this theory is:
    These guys

    Would consider these people white:


    So unless they don't mind wiping out their own, that theory is bullocks.
    Suckboy just wanted to come in and pat himself on the back for posting something not relevant to the conversation being had.
    In the US, people don't give a shit about your background or how religious someone is when considering them white.
    Show those pictures of Gal and Bar to anyone in this country and they will say "white". Although redneck country bumpkins may call Gal a Mexican.
    Blacks hating other blacks with light skin is actually a thing here for fucks sake.
  4. White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) is a term for an elite social class of powerful white Americans of British Protestant ancestry. WASPs often trace their ancestry to the colonial period. The term is often used as a pejorative to attack their historical dominance over the financial, cultural, academic, and legal institutions of the United States. The term is usually used to distinguish upscale WASPs from ordinary folks of various White ethnic origins.

    I mean, WTF brah. You are the kind of guy who can not assume defeat, can you?
  5. I live here, I wasn't born here. I walk around wearing a sombrero and yelling ay ay ay caramba, tu és muy guapa.
  6. My wife's family is South African, and my wife spent her early life there. She has childhood memories of English South Africans picking on and discriminating against other white South Africans of Boer heritage.

    Both were white as ghosts, and the Afrikaans/Boer people are probably whiter than the English, and yet they are looked down by the South Africans of English heritage.
  7. **** car discussions. I'll now hijack all threads and turn them into political/social discussions until the administrators change the site's name to
  8. most people who sympathize with blm arent in favor of a white genocide.
    aside from fringe cases, thats just the propped up boogeyman for the right to point to
    similar to the nazi calling of the left

    blm is more of a 'black lives matter, too. please stop shooting us, and then not doing anything about it' in the mainstream
  9. Yes, bruh, what part of here in the Freedom capital, that doesn't mean shit don't you understand? I'm well aware of what WASP means it it's irrelevant to what I posted. Do you even context, bro?
  10. fuking politics
    giphy (2).gif
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  11. Bruh, this isn't some car website! Go to for that kind of stuff!
  12. they should have dubbed Gal's voice for WM, she's so annoying
  13. Yeah, South Africa is a cesspool of racism and ethnic discrimination. Boers hate the Anglos because they were starved in concentration camps by the British. Some black ethnicities really hate other black ethnicities (f.ex. Zulu vs Xhosa). Black people hate whites for obvious reasons, and white people hate black people because other obvious reasons.

    Some of them think that the United States is an exemplary case of black people integrating into society.
  14. I'd like to steer this conversation back to where it belongs.

    how the heck do you spec out a Hyundai to $65,000? I tried. I can't make it happen.
  15. Kicking out the illegals.
  16. did you select the 'duffel bag with 15k in cash' option
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  17. The Genesis Sedan R-spec. And I'm Canadian. We pay more for cars.

    The new Genesis G80 sport starts at 62k here
  18. Oh that explains why you're such a communist
  19. Buy two?
  20. oh, I wasn't aware you were comparing apples to oranges. I guess that's the mr.vette in you. How many realtree accessories does it take to get your truck to 75k?
  21. I'm comparing apples to oranges?

    You are aware the genesis G80 is just the new version of the original hyundai genesis sedan right?


    Add a 4 inch lift. Extra tires. A toneau cover and x-pel coating. You are actually a tad over 75k
  22. V6??? You woman
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  23. Inorite! Your bulge puts out more torque.
  24. Yep!
    375hp 470lb/ft of torques. And a wonderful vacuum cleaner engine note
    The V8 is 385hp and 400lb/ft of torques

    I actually had to go with the ecoboost in mine because in 2015 the V8 wouldn't tow my trailer. My wife's 2017 f150 has the V8 with a full tow package. Which can now just barely pull my trailer.

    And with all that said. I don't have mine anymore. I have my wife's F150, I have a new suburban on short term lease till in decide what I'm going to buy.
  25. What is this thread about now?

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