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  1. Big ol' trucks
  2. Whatever we want every other 30 seconds
  3. There's a 11.11 shopping fest in all the Chinese websites. Could be a good time to get replacement car electronics for the wife.
  4. Hah! Having to drive the wife mobile
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    LOL JK BB.
  5. Yeah, if you support commies and child laboooour!
  6. Canada market and currency to USA market and currency.
  7. this is the sound of me whining.

  8. It's the sound of you inhaling a bunch of carbon monoxide in a closed garage.
    Also, verticle videos are for World Star Hip Hop people.
    And that steering wheel looks cheap AF.

    JK I've always loved that (and Noble) car. One of my top favorites next to the Esprit.
  9. Ugh........

    I actually almost hate to admit how much I like it.
  10. We have to admit this is one of the cooler cars owned by an member. Not as expensive or technological as most of today's supercars, but possibly even more exotic.
  11. TY! New they are around 150k new now. The secondary market really wrecks that, don't know why, probably utter fail levels of name recognition. Still, that's a proper bargain bin super car, nismo or viper level. You could easily argue if it weren't for the low volume, it really shouldn't be called a super car at all.

    I agree it is quite exotic. Like a Cizeta, Marcos, Vector, or Bristol, Rossion feels like 5-6 engineers sneaking away from their day jobs to raid their employers parts cabinet until a Q1 popped out of the garage the USA ordered Nobles popped out of.
  12. Yeah, that's probably zero brand recognition and poor marketing. But I'm also assuming there are some build quality and reliability issues, despite being relatively low-tech.
  13. Hell. Even high end notable brands lose a shit ton of value after a year or two.
    Most of them lose in the 50% of their value range.
    Obviously there are expetions. Like the last gen Ford GT, the Enzo, CGT etc. But in general they all take huge hits.
    So the fact this thing is so unknown kinda makes sense to its value. That also being said if they retail at 150k aND he got that at 75k that's in that reasonable 50% value loss.

    CSL. I may not particularly like you. But I can 100% admit that car is dope. Congtars.
  14. does it really sound bad?
  15. The ecoboost in the trucks doesn't really sound bad. It just doesn't good. Think along the lines of a Toyota camry with a lot of turbo whistle.
    The turbo whistle sounds decent. But just meh engine sound out of the tailpipe.
  16. Sounds good man. Upload more videos when you can.

    Ecoboosts are the better engines IMHO. Also, more tunable with just a remap and some basic parts.
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Sort of. The coyote 5.0 V8 is extremely tunable.
    The V8 is a much nicer engine to live with.
    But the gap is very small now with the new 10 speed tranny.
    The ecoboost just dosent have that instant power feeling of a good old naturally aspirated V8.
    But with the gear ratios of the 10 speed it's not nearly as noticeable as it was with the older 6 speed.
    The other issue is repair cost. The ecoboost is significantly more expensive to repair and maintain.
  19. Isn't the EcoBoost just much newer, more efficient and generally much more advanced?
  20. It depends on the application for efficiency (fuel). Under towing loads the 3.5l exoboost can tow more than the 5.0l V8
    But with my experience owning both the V8 is actually significantly better on fuel while towing. But the 3.5l is more efficient under regular driving.

    The ecoboost is definitely more technologically advanced l. But that's not always a good thing. In a truck I want reliability, ability and durability all in one. When you have a tried and true, tested and perfected engine like the classic small block V8 it does that. The ecoboost is still a reletively new engine. It has most definitely had some major growing pains. The first gen has a bad reputation of starving itself of oil and destroying itself as it gets older.
    My truck had major turbo lag. Which is not fun when pulling a 10k lb. Trailer over mountain passes or through a cit and trying to merge into traffic etc.

    However. With no load and cruising on the highway the ecoboost is very efficient. And when necessary it is extremely fast as far as a full size pickup truck goes.
  21. Get a 90's Hilux.
  22. Yeah the ecoboosts are relatively heavy on the repair costs.
  23. yes but everything you just mentioned is unamerican and so is the ecoboost
  24. It's all about the emissions regulations and taxation. In Europe, engines become obsolete more quickly.

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