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  1. There is a pretty clear line from the 60 degree v6 ford made in the 70s to the ecoboosts of today, I don't think they are particularly new, but I think what is new is people's exposure to turbocharged vehicles. No turbocharged vehicle has ever (or likely will ever) come close to the sales volume of the f150. and so it comes as no surprise to me that, when you put turbos in that many people's hands, certain turbo specific things like burning through oil become "these ecoboosts have a problem" stories.

    I think it's nothing short of incredible that, to the general public who won't even yank on a dip stick, ford can offer a turbocharged engine that promises an idiot proof maintenance schedule. it's got to take a lot of sack when all your competitors are still using NA. No one is going to carve the ecoboost a caveat because it is turbocharged, they're just going to expect it to work.
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    It wasn't about burning oil. There was an issue with the first gen Ecoboosts actually starving themselves of oil and self destructing. People started adding oil catch cans to help stop it from happening.

    I am in no way saying they are bad engines.

    The ecoboost is pretty new. And is actually based off Mazda's MZI 35 and GY engines
  3. That's common with all direct injection motors. Although most don't lead up to engine failure. I cleaned my CAI filter to find oil all the way down the intake tube to the filter. Freaked out and did a search and found all kinds of posts from various makes with that problem. Apparently this is "normal". What's crazy is one guy on the Camaro forums had his warranty claim denied due to an installed catch can. Later on, they started selling them on the GM performance parts site.
  4. That I did not know.
  5. Yeah, just keep an eye out on oil level, check no oil leaked to the air filter, and clean your MAF sensor on a regular basis.
    Also since there is no port injection to clean the valves, a valve cleaning is a good idea every once and a while.
  6. I got rid of my ecoboost. I only have the 5.0l now. I have a suburban rental/lease until I decide what to buy next
  7. Get a Rossion and make this thread even better.
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  8. My wife won't stop giggling. She loves it! we were driving on the highway and I was left for dead in my old suzuki, she took the frig off, ## to ### the whole way home, wtf woman!

    I called the builder and they're gonna sort out the little issues, they gave me a deep history on the car and they think they know exactly what went wrong with the heat, the potentiometer. if you're not paying attention when reinstalling the center console, you can bugger it pretty easy. He's built 2 Rossions and the other one broke when it was being tightened down too.

    On another note, I learned about the mods. It has a host of electronic mods, but the interesting stuff is the performance mods. It was ECU tuned and upgraded intercooler. precise HP is 496, up from 450. still makes 33MPG somehow.

    My wife says it drives like a skoda. I guess that means it's easy. Some asshole kept pretending he was going to ram us, so yeah. I was jaded before, but I can't believe how many people are willing to openly throw shade at you for owning something nice.
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  9. Wait, people are so jealous of you that they try to ram you out of the road?
  10. I don't know why. Not saying is jealousy, but he swerved at my wife three times in the span of 1 minute then took off the other way.
  11. Ghetto trash do that here for the sake of being ghetto. Swang 'n bang, nawmean?
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  12. The Rossion part of the Noble M400 wiki puts the 450hp tune's 0-60 time at 3.1, so you'd hope a perfect start should net you something in the high 2s
  13. I don't think it's realistic. It's running 285 Michelin super sports, besides a bunch of other reasons. But i think from a roll it's going to crush it. It's vmax is gearbox limited, not sure if that means final ratio is just too tall to be useful or if it's so short it's redlined at 187mph. But if it is really short gears, with 496hp, 3rd-5th could really rip. Might even be faster than a 458 or huracan.
  14. Yeah similar power to a 458, a bunch more torque, a bunch less weight. It should crush.
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    Here's something I found interesting..

    so I had seen the original order sheet, and I was always puzzled by this part of it..


    ECU and intercooler upgrades, aside, how is it that a 3.0 duratec with some turbos and pipes and the mondeo trans costs as much as a built LT4 and trans?

    The answer? Two words:


    I need a stronger trans cause I think this shortblock is stacked up to make even more than 496.

    edit: Just in case someone asks, the 19300 does NOT include installation, that was an additional charge listed on the build/order sheet.
  16. Anything with Cosworth on it has a certain feeling of motorsport about it. I'm certain the new TVR and cars like the original BAC Mono will do/have done well for having that name associated with the drivetrain development.

    I think the Valkryie will come with a Cossie V12. Not that they needed the name to help Aston sell them all but it just adds to the sense that the engine won't be the weak point

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