Do you see yourself owning an electric car?

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  1. im seriously considering selling my car and putting my name down for the model 3 now

    just not sure if i could live with the range, i do like going for long road trips around NZ, and because the population base is so low it's going to be a looooong time before there's decent charging infrastructure for charging
  2. Yeah there aren't any Superchargers in NZ right now.

    I think Elon Musk said something along the lines of Tesla having plans to build over 3000 more stations by the time the Model 3 is delivered to the first customers, but I don't know what the situation is regarding NZ.
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  4. I really want an 850 2.5t

  5. i looked at a GTE, but it totalled up to be 700 euro a month or something that ridiculous.
  6. yeah, I guess, in a decade or so. or maybe sooner. when they are a bit better and less expensive. They seem perfect for the daily commute. I don't need a Ferrari F40 for that. There are 3 things holding me back right now:
    1. prices are too high.
    2. action radius of most cars is too small. I'd feel more comfortable with 400-500 km.
    3. i'm not sure how the batteries will hold up over a longer period.

    I'm currently driving a hybrid vw, which performs really well. my next daily car will either be a hybrid, electric or hydrogen.
  7. What is the going rate for a good example of an F40 in auctions these days?
  8. wheres my poast??
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  10. I imagine New Zealand would have to have a decent base of Teslas before they invested. It's a bit chicken or egg, but still, for my daily driving needs the range is more than ample and trickle charge would be enough.

    Peter Jackson imported a Model S under his own steam and just cruises from home to work in it. It's the only one in Wellington but I believe there's 2-3 other ones around the country. The Model 3 will be a pretty big sell here.
  11. probably but I've never been able to stand the guy. I know I'm completely in the normal woot position for this but I can't stand the guy or his idea on how to do it (granted I also dislike apple for many of the same reasons). the comparison of the 2 companies makes total sense (at least to myself). I'm aware I'm mostly being a old man on this but I'm fine with that.
  12. Probably not. I mostly buy old cars anyway. If I did buy an electric car, it wouldn't be my only car.
  13. there have been far worse automotive company founders in the past. ones who've legitimately been bad people not just some harmless smug dude
  14. Yeah that's kind of my thinking too. Not having to buy petrol here in NZ would save me ~$80 / week.

    Could quite legitimately put that towards something old, unique, and always broken down for weekend drives.
  15. If the EV technology starts becoming greater value for money than petrol engine cars, then I have no problem.
  16. Half of Tesla's success with the cars seems to be that they've created a genuinely good-looking chassis rather than the intentionally retarded-looking 'green' designs of other electric cars like a Prius (which makes drivers look like pretentious knobheads).
  17. But it is.
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  20. No.
  21. Lots of ore had to be mined to end up with the metal needed to make all of the hundreds of single parts that go into each engine.

    One could argue that the resources alone were wasted but you could also consider the energy expended to extract those resources in the first place. It may not just be about the efficiency of the process the machine was designed to carry out, but actually making the machine itself that is wasteful.

    Of course electric motors are made of metal, but likely a lot less for the equivalent power output, so overall it could be seen as a less wasteful way of providing power for us all.
  22. How is having a small power plant that burns through thousands of liters of fossil fuels each year not wasteful?

    Also electric engines basically only have one moving part.
  23. 3-phase AC motors are vastly more efficient than anything internal combustion, yes. And constructing an electric motor requires way less materials than constructing an otto/diesel engine of similar output.

    However, I'm not sure that building an otto/diesel engine would consume more energy and ore than manufacturing a 90kWh battery pack for a Tesla.
    Iron and Bauxite are super common, many of the minerals required to manufacture lithium-ion batteries are not. To acquire a certain amount of a desired rare element, one has to shift trough lots of ore to get it, compared to iron ore, for example.
  24. It depends on the fUcking application you #$%#ing muzzrat pos coksucking camel riding asshat
  25. I like elon musk because hes all in on clean energy, autonomous cars, and space

    i know he didnt invent rockets but the guys who did havent done anything lately so im glad someone is filling in

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