Do you think it's ugly?

Discussion in '1987 Ferrari F40' started by yungcarfreak, May 31, 2003.

  1. I remember the first time I came on the website and I barely knew anything about any other supercars except Ferrari and Lamborghini. I looked at this and I thought it was hideous. And then I saw it on the road and it was beautiful. Never judge a car on this website by the picture!
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    True, a lot of the pics on this site don't show how good the car really looks. The F40 looks much nicer up close.
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    Just from looking at the pics, it still looks beautiful.
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    the pics at the top of dis page make it out to look ugly... it sure as hell isnt!
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    you are right, this car looks gorgous in real life. definitely the best looking supercar of the 80's
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    nice exterior looking...but inside the car there is nothing, that's why it is consideredas one of the most radical comfort no don't make 200 miles in this car...
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    yes and that what its all about. pure POWER. u feel like in race car. imho sport cars with leather inside, cd player and all that shit has got no raceing spirit. if u wanna comfort car buy bentley, rolce, jag... if u wanna pure sport car buy F40 or other 80s supercars :-D
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    This car is beautiful. It has all the grunt you need. It actually looks like a ferrari. I saw one of these at the 2002 Sydney motor show and it looked gorgeous. It looked like the best car on earth. The F50 looks alright but the f40 just has something about it that makes me feel like going as fast as I want and not having to worry about whether or not people like me. The Enzo is possible one of the best styled cars ever (I also saw 1 at the motor show). My favourite car designs are these.

    1) Shelby Cobra 427
    2) Shelby GT 500
    3) Ferrari F40
    4) Dodge Viper SRT-10
    5) Ferrari Enzo
    6) Chevrolet Corvette C5-9
    7) BMW M3
    8) Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
    9) Jaguar XJ220
    10) Ford GT40
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    Of the modern ferraris... this is what I think of. Simply a purpose built racer for the street. I like it better than the F50 and the Enzo. Purity of design.. if it does not work to make the car performe better.. it is simply not on the car.
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    I think good-looking cars look good on pictures, but they all look better "in person".
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    No,I think you are ugly! -sarcasm

    No seriously I like the way this car looks , very raw,very evil and very willing to kill the competition .

    To me it looks like a Lemans Racer for the road , what more can you ask for? I read about it in various car books/mags and they describe it's experience as being very,very brutal and even mentioned that's it's scarier than a Mclaren F1 to drive.

    Need i say more? ;p
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    Wow, I just saw this at a gas station today. I was parked right behind it.. i was waiting for the guy to come up to turn the thing on... and all of a sudden i thought.. i wanna hear that ***** rev! so i revved up to the redline really nicely.. and about 10 seconds later.. u hear *vrooom vrrooom vrroooooooom* (ok ill admit that sounded sorta kiddy) and a little later her pulled out.. and it was a red light behind us so he had the hole straight street to himself.. and omfg.. u had to see him take off! wow.. just the sound.. i wish i had like a recorder or sumthin even the gas worker looked and said.. wow is that a ferrari f40? i was like.. hell ya.. mint condition im sure he drives it normally.. and he said.. ya.. he comes around here alot.. i was happy to know he drives that beast normally.. he truly appreciates it!
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    I think it's a beautiful car. It's very simple, elementary... That's the suavity of it.
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    I saw three of these in one garrage all together. One stock F40, one race F40, and one race F40 LM. It was not a dealership, he is a friend of mine. Nothing Better. Beautiful cars.
    If you ever get a chance to check one out take it.
  15. it's nice no matter what
  16. This car is one of the most beautiful cars ever made, period
  17. Yeh, it is beautiful, and looks even better in person. Just like the 612 Scaglietti looks better in person.
  18. There is just no doubt about it - it's the most beautiful car ever made. It's the most beautiful ANYTHING ever made!!

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