Do yu like the new 458 Italia (exterior)?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by mafalda, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. I LOVE IT !!!!!
  2. I'm not crazy about the pop-o-matic domeishness, but there is a LOT to like about this upcoming ferrari.. and for me to have that little to say against any particular ferrari is to say most everyone else will find it sensational.. and rightfully so. looking like it could be the best ferrari in a decade and for a decade.
  3. Like it. Not too sure about the led lights.
  4. now that you mention it, I bet they were pressured to add them. it seems to be in line with stylistic progression and I can imagine someone who cares little for the statistic differences to prefer the Audi on style alone.

  5. I like it - would like to see it with my own eyes only beacause I think it will be even better.

  6. results are a surprise....
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  7. What, you don't like it?

  8. no but 0% of dislike is pretty impressive
  9. its nice im still not sure on the rear end those light are whats throwing me but im sure it will be nicer in person
  10. Now with no engine cooling! Also, I think this is the best looking Ferrari since the 550/575 Maranello.
  11. The headlights and exhaust tips worry me. Other than that, I love it. Its profile is perfection.
  12. looks like first year at design school made it.

    really crappy.

  13. Indeed, if you put it this way

  14. does anyone like my ferrari front?
  17. yes, but I prefer the little scoops by the headlights. Its interesting.
  18. "I think this is the best looking Ferrari since the 550/575 Maranello"

    *Insert Challenge Stradale*
  19. its awesome! reminds me of that p4/5 thing
  20. It is so right. Just perfect.
  21. I don't like the side mirrors. Otherwise, yes.
  22. I don't like the side mirrors. Otherwise, yes.
  23. Yeah, I think that looks much better, sharper. Now the front looks like a frog, although I do think the design of the car is much better than that of the 599/612.
  24. Waiting to see one in person before I pass judgement
  25. wait WOAH

    +1 for having F40 style exhaust

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