Dodge Australia to launch this month

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    First the Caliber, then in 6 months the Nitro.
    Then another 4 unknown cars, one launched 6 months apart from the next.
    So over the next 3 years, one Dodge will be launched in Australia every 6 months.

    My guess is that the Charger, Magnum, Challenger and possibly Ram or Dakota will be the 4 unkown cars.

    Caliber pics -
    Nitro pics -,2135

    I actually think both of these look okay.
    A Charger or Challenger in the line-up asap would help though.
  2. I'm very happy about this.

    But the timing sucks ass.
  3. Haha this isn't going to go well.
  4. depends on pricing.

    I was very suprised with the 300Cs pricing.... its pretty much perfect, and I see them pretty often now.
    I mean.... people are buying the new Holden Barinas........
  5. 300c was good because it has style and is so gangsta, but theres no way people are gonna buy the caliber. Its just another crappy american car.
  6. It's a good bang for the buck and has a personal styling. However, the interior has a very poor quality compared to its competitors (at least the European ones)
  7. i could think of a lot of cars to choose before buying a calibre in that segment.
  8. American cars are shit, and should stay in America/American fore arm.
  9. The 300C SRT8 is $71,990, which means a Charger SRT8 should be about $66,000.
    Considering a HSV Clubsport is $62,500......... Perfect! We would actually be likely to see them on our roads.... unlike the over priced Mustang that no one bought

    The Charger and Challenger better come damn it.
  10. if by "personal" you mean gangsta, then yes.

    Ive never seen inside one, only read reviews, but yeah it does seem like the interior is not so good.
  11. Shutup you #$%#.
  12. they should release the magnum
  13. Anyone remember the Dodge Neon here??? Yeah, didn't think so. Unless they've come a long way with quality, I don't expect too much to come of their smaller vehicles.
  14. yes, Chrysler Neon is what it actually was here.

    but quality and looks pretty much have nothing to do when it comes to selling small non-luxury/sport cars.
    If its cheap, and cheap on petrol....... many people will buy it.

    Look at the new Korean Holden Barina....... its crash saftey ratings is shit, yet Holden have sold more Barinas than ever. And they look MUCH worse than before.
  15. were do u live man the cars are so expensive and has the dodge nitro come out in any country i havent seen it in canada it #$%#in looks like another hummer wannabe lol
  16. Yeah, but the Barina has name recognition working in it's favour, and a lot of people don't know it's Korean. I think a lot of people buy a Barina because it's called a Barina. Look at the trouble Toyota is having with the Tiida. If they called it a Corolla they would be flogging heaps by now. People are also notorious for not buying based on safety. WHy do so many small cars have standard cd/immob/aircon/etc and yet have airbags/ABS etc as options? People would rather be pampered than safe.

    That said, I wish Dodge all the best and hope they succeed. Small markets like ours need all the players they can get.
  17. Maybe when you say "Toyota" and "Corolla" you mean "Nissan" and "Almera/Sunny/Pulsar"?
  18. Yes, that would be what I mean, ignore the brain cramps, the doctor said I just need some new medicine!!
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    "The Caliber range starts with a five-speed manual-only Caliber ST powered by an 110kW/168Nm 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine. The ST is priced from $23,990.

    Two more engine variants will be added by the end of this year including a diesel and larger petrol engine. The diesel is a 103kW/310Nm 2.0-litre VW-sourced turbocharged unit mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. A sportier Caliber R/T model will get a 127kW 2.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine.

    No announcements have been made about the local future for the 200kW (approx) turbocharged SRT-4 variant of the Caliber.

    The Caliber is a distinctive-looking high riding cross between a small hatch and compact SUV, and comes equipped with air-conditioning, power windows and mirrors, CD sound system, remote locking, four airbags (dual front and side curtain), and ABS.

    Dodge cars will be sold through 48 existing Chrysler Jeep dealers around the country."

    oh yeah, it doesnt look that small in this picture.... I thought it was meant to be Neon/Lancer size?
  20. I agree with Lizzy

    Its shit
  21. Ha ha ha
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    Dodge: We Will Be Top Ten

    Glenn Butler
    24 August 2006

    The boxy Caliber hatch marks the return of iconic American brand Dodge to Australia, but don't expect the muscle cars it's famed for.

    Iconic American brand Dodge has returned to Australia full of boasting, bravado and big claims, determined to forge itself a top-ten share of Australian new car sales.

    And while long term plans involve muscle cars and coupes the likes of which forged Dodge's reputation in the past, Dodge will initially offer economy-focused cars with more visual aggression than physical power.

    The $23,990 Caliber hatchback may be the first Dodge passenger car on sale in Australia since the Phoenix was withdrawn in 1981, but it won't be the only one. Far from it, says Dodge – and Chrysler – managing director Gerry Jenkins.

    "We will follow the Caliber with an additional new model roughly every six month," he told at the launch last week. Jenkins confirmed that the next Dodge would be the Nitro four-wheel drive, which shares underbody mechanicals with its Jeep Cherokee stable-mate, but wears its own distinctively Dodge body.

    He said a Mazda6-size sedan – quite possibly the replacement for the US-only Sebring model – would land sometime in 2007, followed by a large sedan – Dodge Charger, perhaps – in early 2008.

    "Our goal," says Jenkins" is to be among the top ten in Australia."

    The entry point for top ten status is more than 25,000 sales per annum, or roughly 2000 per month. That is a lofty aspiration for a brand that expects to sell just 150 Calibers a month in the hot small car market – a segment ruled by the Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3 and Holden Astra, each racking up more than 2000 sales every month.

    "When I say top ten, I'm not referring to Dodge alone," clarifies Jenkins. "I'm talking about the Chrysler Group which includes Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler".

    In 2005 Jeep and Chrysler racked up more than 7500 sales, still a long way short of the top ten. But Jenkins is not deterred. He believes Dodge will slowly but surely build a strong following.

    "Our research tells us that customers are tired of the bland offerings,"" said Jenkins. "The Caliber will appeal to owners looking for a car that stands out from the crowd, a car with attitude that gives them the flexibility to do more in terms of seating friends and storing gear".

    There are two Caliber five-door hatchback models at launch: a 1.8-litre manual and 2.0-litre CVT automatic. A 2.0-litre turbodiesel and a 2.4-litre R/T sporty version will arrive by year's end.

    The Caliber's styling may stand out from the crowd, its engine performance does anything but. The entry model 1.8-litre engine is glacially slow – Dodge's claimed 0-100km/h of 11.9sec seems overly optimistic - and the 'cooking' 2.0-litre model is little better.

    The Caliber will enjoy stronger appeal for its fuel economy, rated at a miserly 7.4litres/100km on the combined city/hwy cycle. However, big sales aspirations will no doubt be kept in check by the high $28,490 entry price of the CVT auto – automatic transmission are preferred by small car buyers.

    What's Coming From Dodge

    Caliber 1.8/2.0 - August
    Caliber 2.4 RT - November
    Caliber SRT/4 - 2007
    Nitro 4WD - 2007
    Medium sedan - 2007
    Large sedan/SUV - 2008
    Hornet hatch - 2008
    Challenger coupe - 2008
    Charger sedan - 2008



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