Dodge Charger in C&D

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by beliveinfiction, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. They preview the upcoming dodge charger in this month's car and driver. To say the least I was highly disapointed.

    -It has 4 doors
    -Is a coupe version of 300c with a Magnum grill
    -Gets the same 340hp hemi as 300c/magnum
    -No MT

    How broing, this car is already on sale! Try again Chysler.

  2. they sold them as Chryslers first so they could sell them for more
    now they are making a cheaper model to give cops and taxis something to drool over

    they needed a 4 door to replace the Intrepid
    which is what they should call the Charger

  3. How can they call it a Charger?
  4. No MT? I was really hoping for a kickass rendition. If it is how you describe it I'd much rather prefer a GTO.
  5. It looks just like a slantback version of the Magnum. Really not that bad except for the four doors. Still, Hemi power under the hood.
  6. C&D is WRONG. IT is a coupe. Ive been told by DaimlerChysler Executives that it will be a coupe and that it's "fUcking beautiful" which C&D's drawing is not. The new Charger will be a coupe. Yes Dodge does need a full size sedan, but calling it Charger will only hurt them. Call it a Coronet or something that makes more sense historically.
  7. ok..C&D make no sense
    "It's 4 doors"
    "It's a coupe version of the 300"

    ummm...a 4 door coupe?
  8. I think it follows the new trend of calling swoopy 4-door cars a "coupe", like the Mercedes-Benz CLS.

    Also, of course DaimlerChrysler execs will call their own car "#$%#ing beautiful". Just like how Saturn thinks the ION sedan is hot.
  9. He's not like that though. He will be the first person to tell you when the company did something stupid or a car they came out with is crap.
  10. Wow, lets paint a new Chrysler 300 lime green with some black and call it a Charger...awesome
  11. That is retarded... I can just see the value of the old ones dropping once these go out.
  12. C&D is right, Chrysler is technicaly wrong. Its a 4dr with a slanted roof line, verses the 300c's typically boxy roof line. Therefore chrysler considers it a coupe. Of course this is not traditionally considered to be coupe.
  13. I think It looks good, I mean I liked the green color, But I think it should have had a little more HP and torque
  14. I was told it is a traditional 2 door coupe.
  15. Wheres the f.cking picture.
  16. they should design a new sports car and call it a charger
  17. Oh dude you'd better be joking about the Ion, because that thing is HOT!

  18. at least these get Hemis
    the 80s Chargers got 4 bangers
  19. hmmm, a four door 300, its definatly not a real charger.
  20. should just call it an Intrepid
  21. I was really disapointed to see the new charger. They should have made the charger more like what GM did with the GTO not a rebadged Chrysler 300. plus since it has no manual and a motor straight out of a family sedan it seems like the kind of power you would get bored of quickly. does it even handle well? Chysler is just running the Charger name further into the ground. They should have called it something different. I am sure Chysler will be getting a lot of complaint letters.
  22. Th engine in the "family sedan" 300 is no normal engine...
  23. I rather get a SRT-8 300C.
  24. If the Charger turns out like this(which it won't), then I would too.
  25. i will buy a 68-70 charger r/t but not this fugly thing

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