dodge need to drop that stupid looking grille

Discussion in '2007 Dodge Demon Concept' started by ging, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. i dont mind it on their trucks, but on a sports car it looks silly
  2. I think what your trying to say is the front end looks like crap. The wheel wells don't look much better truthfully.
  3. I agree. It would look a lot better without the whale mouth of a grille. Actually it would look a lot like an angular S2000.
  4. Well I rhink ir would look fine if they just left out the horizonal "pole" in the center as well as the verticle "pole", but the reason why Dodge likes to use this grill style is because it makes their cars easier to identify among the rest of cars out there. It's kind of a trademark design element.
  5. i agree with overboost, the grill is traditional Dodge. Without it, it just wouldent be a Dodge anymore
  6. The grille is trucky, but they're a slave to it now. The wheel openings are interesting, they look like a nod to Marcello Gandini (see Countach, Diablo). The rest of it looks like a TTribute to a certain Audi I can think of. Let's hope they have the heart to produce it, unlike the Copperhead and Razor concepts.
  7. the shape and its looks from the side are also bonkers.
  8. Didn't the razor only weigh a little over 2,000 lbs though? This is nowhere near as big a gamble as a stripped down canyon carver. Almost 100% sure this or something very similar will be showing up by 2010.
  9. Razor was estimated at 2500.
  10. i like the grill....maybe a little smaller if u must.
  11. i like the grill....maybe a little smaller if u must.
  12. i like it...maybe a tad smaller
  13. It's just too much viper. Except the back, wich made more worst.

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