Dodge Ram BFT

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  1. Dodge Ram BFT

    “Built for towing,” the Dodge Ram BFT is also one “big fast truck.” Designed to be the “ultimate” workhorse, the vehicle will appeal to the hardcore truck buyer. And there’s one thing the heavy-duty trucker can never get enough of: a bigger box.

    The design team placed a standard cab on a 160-in. Dodge Ram Heavy Duty wheelbase frame so the 9.4-ft chopper fits snuggly in the 10-ft. box. The team also accommodated the dually setup with a 6-in. suspension lift kit from Superlift and Alcoa’s 22.5-in. 10-lug semi wheels. The BFT also features full-length polished bed and step rails.

    The Ram BFT has a Banks-enhanced 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel engine that is mated to an automatic transmission.

    In the end, the Ram BFT provides “maximum” hauling and towing power. And isn’t dependability, durability and capability what Ram life is all about?
  2. Stop lying to us Dodge, we all know it stands for BIG #$%#ING TRUCK.
  3. I wish it was an extended cab
  4. Lift kits help with towing?
  6. That's so #$%# YEAH!
  7. Chrome does not belong on a truck
  8. Wow that a reeheheheheheaallly cool truck im jelous (not sarcastic)
  9. That looks so stupid.
  10. A truck is the only place chrome looks good.
  12. I'd buy this to run over hippies.
  13. That is seriously #$%#ing awesome.
  15. but yes. I'd feel so American.
  16. Dude, you bastard. Lol, I saw the title and thats the first thing I thought of. Lol.
  17. wow that bed is high up in the air, would be such a pain to put anything on there
  18. Shut up, you pussy gayer.
  19. Looks like something somebody from Quebec would drive. Tackey as hell.
  20. A truck so big it's useless. Only in America.
  21. Hell yes, but one problem; it needs to be black, then I'd take it.
  22. Pretty tight i would say, if i needed to tow something huge!
  23. The towing capacity has probably been lowered actually.
  24. Needs smoke stacks.

    And be black.

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