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  1. I just recently fell in love with these huge US trucks. I'm just wondering, which Dodge Ram would you recommend for comfort/safety and looks altogether? Since I don't know much about these trucks right now. Thankyou.
  2. The 1500 2WD with the 4.7 is probably the most comfortable of all of them. The 3/4 tons ride really rough, and the 4WD package on the 1500s makes them ride nearly as rough.
  3. shortbed, 4 door, 4WD, with a Hemi.
  4. get fullbed 4 door 4wd, Hemi or no it really depends on what your ganna do with it
  5. Open up a transmission shop you'll love them even more.
  6. I'm sure he'd love that. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  7. F-250 Powerstroke
  8. yes
  9. I would recommend No Dodge Ram. They r crap. Crappy transmission
  10. Where are u from?
  11. Get a black 3500 crew-cab dually Ram, with the Cummins H.O. diesel. You'll only regret later not getting it if you don't. CorollaRacer would agree with me on this.
  12. New Dakota with a short bed, size of engine depends on how much money you feel like spending on gas <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  13. the new dakotas are fugly and i heard there pretty bad on gas
  14. whats the new HEMI Ram get? like 8mpg?!
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  16. a black regular cab 3500-Dually with the Cummins diesel & custom exhaust, so they hear you coming before they see you. That would be my dreamtruck & there's one in my neighborhood, too which just looks so sinister & badass in black.
  17. I saw one like the one I described, but it had chrome 4" exhaust stacks on it too. It sounded bad-ass.
  18. diesel trucks kick ass.
  19. All Dodge Trucks are bad on gas, they always have been. They are great trucks though.

    I will still stick with my Duramax.
  20. They have the 5.7L Hemi as an option in their 1 ton trucks don't they? I can't believe that.
  21. duallys are awesome... neighbor has a mid 90s dodge dually with a 3-4 inch lift, exhaust, and probably some engine work. loudest car/truck in town.
  22. Dually are really bad in snow, make sure u have 4 wheel drive
  23. I didn't realize people buy trucks because they get such awesome fuel mileage. I thought it was the whole towing, hauling, and all-terrain abilities.
  24. i dunno with all the revisions to the super dutys this year i think id rather go with one of them. besides, the 6.0 powerstroke is an awesome motor.

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