Dodge Viper dead in July 2010, replacement in 2012

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by lucky strike, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. 8c is also based off a Maserati and i think even built in modena..

    i think he was just saying that since 8c is a 2 seater FR RWD coupe (and roadster).

    looking it up, the coupes (viper and 8c) almost weight the same also, and it has a steel chassis.
  3. hahahaha my materials processing class used those EXACT SAME graphs. I prolly have some laying around here somewhere.
  4. If dodge is smart, they will provide a car that offers similar power, but with better delivery. This including the suspension. The viper's ability to corner was based on the width of its tires.

    I'd like to see an affordable sports car, not necessarly a stupid v10, but something around the price of $30,000. Bringing back the customers now requires 'cheap fun cars'
  5. I own the book :p and have read about 3/4 of it
  6. Possibly the dumbest thing I've ever read.
  7. pretty much every exotic that the viper smokes has the same or similar width dodge would need to invent some other-worldly suspension to make it handle even beyond the limits of physics
  8. The Viper's only weakness is that 600 hp from 8.4 Liters is just pathetic. It should be pushing closer to 800.

    That said, the last thing the Viper needs is more power...
  9. 600 hp from 8.4L is also reliable, offers all of the torque from idle, and id totally awesome.
  11. More power? are you guys crazy? Show of hands, how many people that are saying I'm dumb have actually driven 500/hp/tq cars? (i have) There is a difference between dyno queen and manageable power. ...ask torquenstein.

    If i'm not mistaken, the Viper engine is still a 2 valve per cylinder engine is it not? Sure, they could improve it a lot more, or like I was saying, design a better car for cheaper.

    Read the issue of sport compact car september 2008 where they took a stock viper and put it up against an evo 9 with minor modifications. For about $38,000USD you have a car that destroys the viper in every category. I'm not here to praise the evo's. Frankly I'm not a fan, but that really shows just how behind the times the viper really is.

    Maybe they will make the Chrysler ME412 and put a dodge logo on it? I only hope.

  12. this thread is like being back in the indies
  13. you know you liked my sexy graphs
  14. I like em

  15. what minor mods did they put on it to allow it to drop 3-5secs+ per lap?
  16. I was referring to the line that it's only fast because it has wide tires.
  17. I have driven 500 hp cars on track.

    Youre dumb, but not for saying the viper needs more power.

    and sport compact car probably had an amateur driving. an evo is about a billion times easier to drive, which ends up being the deciding factor when non-pro drivers do car tests. They dont have enough seat time to really learn the cars capability, and theyre not good enough drivers to not need that time.

    and every category? dont be silly. a stock viper looks better, sounds better, is faster in a straight line, makes babies cry better, etc.

    Ive spent a lot of time on track with vipers, and they always fall into just a few categories: theyre either way underperforming because the driver isnt up to snuff (most of the time, I have passed quite a few), or just horrifyingly fast out there.
  18. actually, the graphs were good

    it's the arguing tha't slike the indies
  19. ^I agree it looks better and sounds better. More pistons usually makes for a smoother sound and smoother ability to reach higher numbers.

    And yeah, they probably did have an amateur driver, that's another point. Only a handful of Viper owners (as most cars) are professional. Infact I'd bet money at least half of them don't know what to use for tires under different conditions.

    So you said I'm dumb, just because you Like the viper more then the evo? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A> Because so do I, but not at 3x the price. I'm the type of guy that would rather build a car then buy a car. Thats just where I'm coming from.

    I wish the current one just had better suspension and was half price.

    note: I do want it on the record that I'd kill my mother to drive a ALMS viper, GTS-R or whatever its called.

  20. considering you can by new 08 vipers for low 70's...they are quite the bargain. if you dont like the stock susp. then just throw on the ACR's KW's for another 3k. but even stock they ability of the car is down right scary in the hands of a viper vet

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