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Discussion in 'American Cars' started by F50Fanatic, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. I heard the development of the 3rd generation Viper is already underway. The next Viper will have more than 700 horsepower. Are these rumors true?
  2. would make sence considering the power of the ZO6, and the Ford GT.
  3. I believe it going to be 900 rwhp, with use of a supercharged turbine engine.
  4. Damn. That's not enough power for that engine. Dodge doesn't do enough testing. Z06 Rulez. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  5. Could it be powered by dark matter as well!?!
  6. They stole the dark matter technology from Chevrolet. Bastards!
  7. if gas keeps going up like it does i doubt theyll survive. people might buy them but theyll stay parked.
  8. Nobody who can afford to buy an $80k car will be in the poor house because of $4/gal gas.
  9. 700 hp my ass. maybe some limited edition version, but not the base model.
  10. at this point its all still rumors, but it is about time the vipers been on the road for 4 years now, should at least see a concept in the next year or so...
  11. i can see them breaking 600HP without a sweat, but 700? unlikely
  12. true, more like 550
  13. they have 8.3L to play with, if they dont have a substantial amount more HP then the corvette, i'd lose all respect for them. whats the point of such a large engine with so little output? i mwan they didnt really need much output before, but now they really could use it
  14. they should just drop the engine, start using a supercharged hemi or something. surely if they can crank 425hp out of it they can sneak out another 100hp eventially.
  15. Everyone should keep in mind that the engine in it now is not only seriosuly undertuned, it's built to handle more power then what can be streetable in a car with no TC and legal tires.
  16. but they are puting a heavier less efficiant engine in a car that is practically begging to be a corvette (i love it, but you cant deny that thats what dodge is going for) the only problem is the car is heavier more expensive and cant handel as well... they need to start doing something to lighten it up, thier sales are going to hell...
  17. CHRYSLER FIREPOWER!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. ha! bull shit. if anything its made to be a car that people buy when they dont want to be labeled as one of those 50 year old-middle age crisis people, and want something more hardcore.

    EDIT: if anything, the corvette wishes it was a viper. the viper styling came out first afterall, and remember how alike people thought they looked when the C6 came out?
  19. Yes, the Viper took no vette styling cues, ever. The C6 was probably being designed before the new viper was released.
  20. im just countering his argument, i never said it didnt. but hes acting like the viper is corvette jr.
  21. the C6 was already taking shape back in 1997, the same year the C5 was released
  22. the viper's stying was designed to look american, and they designed it to look like their version of a Corvette, they took the cues knowing that americans would like the look, because it was basically just a corvette by dodge.

    youve got to be retarded to think that there are any more young viper owners than vette owners.

    the corvette doesnt want to be a car that sells less than 10% the amount a year...
  23. im not saying there are more young viper drivers, im saying the old guys driving them dont want the image of being another mid-age crisis corvette driver.
  24. i dont think thats why people buy the car, some sure buy it because they like the styling more, some like it for the raw power, some buy it because its not a corvette or 911, some buy it because they like dodges more, not nessarily car by car, thats not the point at all, the point is that if they want the sales to rise they need to give these people (the type mentioned above) something to brag about.

    corvette guys have been having all the bragging rights for years (not to say its the better car nessarily) and after 5 or 6 years it starts to get to them, you know its true. so what shoudl dodge do? keep it about the same? no, they need to make it lighter, more powerful, more agressive, but livable, like the corvette. otherwise they will always be the "where did the extra $20k go" american sports car, and even worst, as is the case at the moment, without the bragging rights of just about everything.
  25. the viper just needs another half liter, half a foot wider, and another 125 horses/200 ft lbs. and something to deal with the heat from the exaust.

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