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  1. which is exactally what they have been doing sense it was released, and the sales keep falling, i think its time to tame the beast and make it worth the money to get it.
  2. I don't think so.. It's got more raw image then the vette and I believe it's the stronger motor.

    I think the most the Viper can really hope for is to put out some awesome cars and not expect a big profit margin.

    edit: IE The point of the car shouldn't be to make Dodge rich. It's to prove Dodge is badass. If that's thats the mission, then mission accomplished.
  3. like i said, they have been doing that for years and its been a slight slide downward ever sense. they need improved, not just new.
  4. See my edit.
  5. it is awesome, its one of my favorite cars, but like i said, they have to sell them to make them, and they are barely selling them anymore... they are thinking about dropping it, and i would rather they just make it more attractive (not the body thats hot) than to see it just go away...
  6. they should go around 720-750 hps
  7. i think 600 would be good/realistic. sure, they could make it 700-800hp, but look at who is buying it: customers. i mean, how many average people know how to handle that powerful of a car?
  8. originally posted by demigod555
    I believe it going to be 900 rwhp, with use of a supercharged turbine engine.

    i doubt it will have that much horsepower and a "supercharged turbine engine" that has got to be the funniest thing i have ever heard... Dodge would never be smart enough to think of something like that... maybe the concept will have it but the road version i dont think so!
  9. its sarcasuem/
  10. I've heard some inside 411 that at the next VOI 9 (Viper Owner's Invitational) in Las Vegas, Sept 2006, that Dodge will be releasing their newest version 680hp, naturally aspirated Viper.
  11. In terms of power, 600-625 seems more likely compared to a monsterous hike of 700-800.

    In terms of looks, I liked the GTS better than the current design.
  12. I've heard rumours of 1300hp.
  13. Check the post after Sept ... 680 hp NA is the number you should find on the boards.
  14. they will out due the veyron by double the horsepower (add that to your rumors)
  15. i got more on my V6 escudo.
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  17. I bet that the car has a big kick when shifting from 1st. to 2nd.
  18. Superchargers on Vipers have very little kick, mainly because of the Torque curve .. this is RWHP Dyno
  19. you dodge guys can have as much horsepower you want want but do you have the money to put the gas in the damn thing since i bet you it will guzzle the gas as fast as you put it in.

    plus the viper is not really a good car anyways... you never hear anything about it. I never see it on any tv shows, nor do i see it being compared to other cars... i did see it one time... a brand new Viper being compared to an older Ferrari and the Ferrari won and it was older.
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    McLaren said ... "plus the viper is not really a good car anyways... you never hear anything about it. I never see it on any tv shows, nor do i see it being compared to other cars"

    I'm not sure what car magazines or TV shows you watch? But they are not car magazines. Vipers have been on the covers of 22+ major car magazines. Almost always in some comparison, and almost always on top of the numbers / stats. They tend to lose to comfort or subjective evaluations, but win on the track and objective evaluation sheets.

    As far as never seeing it on TV? Where do you live? Not only has it been on every major racing channel and Car Magazine TV program it also had it's own TV series that ran for 3 years (1996-1999) called amazing as it may seem VIPER.

    Here's the IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) link which tells all the official details. There are also a ton of fan websites to the show, never mind the car.

    Here's a link to a few Hennessey articles alone ...

    Not to menton 10+ major video games feature Vipers including major arcade games and Xbox type games for example ...

    PS: as far as MPG ... well I was averaging 18-20 mpg up until recently when I added the supercharger, now I'm getting 15-17 mpg. So at the moment I'm getting almost as bad gas milage as the McLaren, showing 16mpg, but Ive actually been told it's much worse. My driving is mostly highway driving though. City driving it can get as low as 8 mpg, specially if I'm really punching it.
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  25. Damn you guys, petrols already like $6 a gallon almost here.

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