does 60 in 3.5

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 360 GT' started by 50 cent, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. That is what road and track said when they tested it.
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    Humm not so sure about that
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    its probably true since a stock 360 can make it there in 3.9seconds. this is remarkable considering the stiffness of hte suspension and the fact that the chassis/flywheel and engine are not designed for drag racing.
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    A stock Modena doesn't get 3.9, more around the range of 4.2 to 4.4. The 360 GT, however, is much quicker: reduced weight, more horsepower, faster clutch, and slick tires.
    3.5 seconds sounds right.
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    aren't you wrong. check motor trend's stats boy. 0-60 3.9sec quarter mile 12.2.
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    Does it matter?

    This is a track (with corners) racing car, not a drag car.

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    I don't think they will put "Slicks" on it, it's a roadcar.
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    it matters because i was right. straight line accel although it doesn't matter as much in road racing as say drag racing (yes that's redudant here), it still matters.

    yea they dont put slicks on street cars.
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    I was talking about the race car. the only difference is that the race car uses slick tires.
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    Not if it's raining.

    And the sprint time would be dependant on the gear ratios, which are changed to suit the track, so times, if for some reason this mattered, would differ depending on the setup, driver, temperature, altitute, tyre conditions etc. etc. just like always.

    Only if the competing cars were run at the same time, track, by the same driver under the same conditions could they be comparable, because there are too many factors that may alter an achievable time.

    This is why it amazes me that the kids on this forumn talk of cars running 0-60 mile times to pick their favorite car, as if they have never driven a car and don't know what is important in choosing one suitable for your needs. But I am being way too sensible and thoughtfull for this forum it would seem, so I shall stop now.
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    Isn't the topspeed wrong cause the 360 does alreay 300...
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    uh, 300 MPH? That would take one hell of a supercar that I haven't seen yet to do 300 MPH
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    uh, 300 MPH? That would take one hell of a supercar that I haven't seen yet to do 300 MPH
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    theres many cars that do 300...KILOMETERS per hour. and all he said was "300" so he didnt say miles per hour, and if u had a brain ,ud assume that its Kilometers, but instead you choose to play stupid just to make somebody else look dumb. way to go, go shoot yourself.
    and i think its so slow in topspeed because maybe its more important to accelerate quickly to get out of corners, so they geared it low, and its meant to be a good-handling car, hence all the suspencion upgrades and weight reduction, and not too much increase in power.
    but what do i know, dont chop my balls of if u disagree. Later
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    No it cant.
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    Don't forget that the 430 hp is only about half the air at the throttle body. Think how quick it would be with the restrictors off.
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    Road & Track - Volume 54 Number 3
    Ferrari 360 Modena (Street Legal) 0-60 in 4.3 seconds
    1/4 Mile in 12.8 seconds
    Ferrari 360 Challenge (Not Street Legal) 0-60 in 3.9
    w/Pirelli Racing Slicks 1/4 Mile Estimate 12.5
    Ferrari 360 GT (Not Street Legal) 0-60 in 3.5 Estimate
    w/Dunlop Racing Slicks 1/4 Mile in 12.0 Estimate

    I put this up for all of those idiots that kept talking about shit they dont know.some of you just had the times and cars mixed up.this info is all from a R&T magazine so it is not doctored at all and the estimates are very close to if not the real time.
    Modena - 395Hp 275lb-ft 3065lb
    Challenge - 400Hp 276lb-ft 2800lb
    360 GT - 430Hp 289lb-ft 2450lb
    All the cars use the same displacement and 6-Speed gearbox.
  18. Re: does 60 in 3.5 just realize how screwed up this site is, there weight for this car is wrong , close , but wrong. ive notcied many other things on this site that are incorrect.
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    trust me, you're not the first to realize this site is far from accurate.
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    this site doesnt have alot that is right ! its basically all wrong stats wise! but its usa run .. so what do u expect

    this car doin 3.5 sounds right to me, based on how light it is and all the extra power, but really, i would rather have a normal modena , looks wise its beats this car, and since i dont wanna die just yet, i dont plan on goin all that fast so the speed is not needed

    and to the pathetic kid who assumed 300 ment 300mph, please dont try to make sumone else feel stupid to make yourself appear more intelligent, beacuase really u just proved how stupid u are!
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    the normal modena goes 0-100 km in 4.2 secs (Ferrari stats) in 3.5 secs for the GT sounds good to me but the McLaren F1 goes in 3.3 secs and the McLaren F1 Le Man goes in 3.9
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    ya khari man i knew this site was messed a long time ago i had another name on this site but i think that i lost the oass or i didnt sign in recently enuff or something
    but ya i made this new sigh in , i ve been using this site 4 about 2- 3 years now
    its a good site despite all of the stupid post, poster's and wrong stats
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    my stock 360 does 0-60 in 4.3 so hi 3s sounds about rihgt to me but 3.5 seems a bit too quick maybe 3.7
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    no, 3.5 sounds just right, this car has a good amount of HP for the weight, this car isnt meant for a blistering speed or 0-60, its meant for great handling, trust me my uncle has a gts car (this is gt)
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    Thats not that fast for a race car. The LMP900 cars do it in a lil over 2 seconds.

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