Does anyone believe this crap?

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    I'm not one of those Jew haters (so ignore the title of the video) but this guy's arguments on race mixing are completely wrong in my opinion. Anyone else agree?
  2. The comments are hilarious/depressing.
  3. He's pretty much right.
  4. yea, i dont see why its that farfetched...

    its odd though that this would come from a jew though, most jews are very conservative and discourage interbreeding for jews only to protect our heritage. i know my mom would be pretty upset if i dont marry someone of jewish decent, and shes pretty liberal about it as far as jewish moms go. [though i dont really concern myself with it much]
  6. That being said, I don't think it has anything to do with your looks. More of a health issue and perhaps athletics.
  7. Maybe where you are from this is true but the Jewish community on the west coast is super reform. My family has encouraged me to date whoever regardless of ethnic or religious backgrounds. My mother has even tried to get me together with a Greek girl before.
  8. This isn't even an original idea... outbreeding is responsible for evolution.
  9. yea, i know the jews in this area are sometimes pretty conservative, and i think its absolutely ridiculous to be like that, but i can see where theyre coming from. its like, theres not many jews left, and we need to keep the culture alive.
  10. Well, in the health part, he's right, there's no doubt about that...

    However, in the looks department, its just that in the USA mixed isn't the norm. Its just more noticeable when you see someone that stands out with black hair and blue eyes and medium skin in a crowd of blonde hair, white eyes, and blue/green eyes.

    Here in Puerto Rico, mixed people are the norm, and when you see someone who's white, blonde, and blue/green eyes, they are a lot more noticeable.
  11. i often find mixed-race women more attractive to me than 'pure-bred' women of a race separate from mine. but that probably has little to do w/ what this guy was saying.

    who cares, it's been shown there's in some cases more genetic diversity within a certain race than between two given people in separate races. just cuz two people are white doesn't mean they're practically cousins as compared to a chinese person sitting next to them.
  12. WOW the comments are insane.

    ""racism is a social disease
    that causes all types of problems that should not exist"
    I agree with this. We are all just human beings with similar needs."

    This post gets a -6...
  13. Apart from the health shit, its all bullshit.
  14. And inbreading is responsible for amerika. :O
  15. So Mexicans are more evolved than all pure racial people? Cool.
  16. I thought mutation was the main factor that brought about big changes in evolution?
  17. You clearly have no idea of what evolution means.
  18. If anything, outbreeding prevents evolution.
  19. lol @ more evolved
  20. I'm heaps mixed. I agree. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>

    I REALLY do agree that half-cast chiks can be damn good looking though.
  21. I wouldn't be surprised if that WAS true. Mixed-species corn is, for the most part, better than pure-bred. Hybridization has been going on for a long time, and a phenomenon that can only be described as "hybrid vigor" has been noted in virtually every case of cross-species breeding.

    Cross-breeding does lose its luster after the first generation, typically, so don't think that you'll have sexier, taller, bigger-dicked babies generation after generation.

    Who knows, some people should actually research this shit in people.
  22. aychsis.jpg
  23. Thanks for the most vauge statement ever.
  24. Nickster is a #$%#ing retard.
  25. "" it's been shown there's in some cases more genetic diversity within a certain race than between two given people in separate races. ""

    That sounds like a bunch of BS to me, sorry. Can you post this study?

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