does azeal concept = s16?

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by f11111, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. cause if they're bringing the gt-r to the us they better bring the silvia...better than that stupid sentra
  2. You are ignorant.
  3. well it seems to be a logical conclusion. It probably wouldn't be a continuation to the silvia line, the way the S14 was a continuation of the S13 and S15 was a continuation of the S14... but, rather, a rehash, a modern iteration.

    Then again, Z32 production ended in 1996. New FM-based 350Z went on sale eight years later and chassis was called "Z33" so you never know... as those two chassis were totally unrelated :-\

    irrelevant though, but i wouldn't call him ignorant. I'd just call you impatient and illogical.
  4. Read his post, then say that to me again.
  5. Yes, because the Sentra is in direct violation of the Silvia.
  6. Why make a new thread?

    The other thread was about the concept..
  7. well, no, not really.

    I mean, his thought process assumes that automobile importation is on the basis of what we deserve, rather than what will sell (which i find funny) as in "you DESERVE the GT-R" but frankly, the text in relation to the headline made sense to me.

    go figure.
  8. From the very little info there is on it, I'd say it'll be in the same segment that the Silvia was, but I think it'll be an all new model, rather than the next Silvia.

    Bottom line. If it goes into production, I doubt it'll be dubbed the S16.
  9. Turbodreams doesn't want to look gay in a Sentra
  10. doesn't matter what its called imo
  12. a rose by any name...

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