Does it have a roof??

Discussion in '2000 Jaguar XK180 Concept' started by markzila, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. Just wondering what it would like with a roof, does anyone out there have a photo??
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    And also, its pretty heavy, 1.5 tonnes, GOD DAMN, and a auto???
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    auto trans puts the power, and im sure there are some non-essential gadgets added somewhere...
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    I don't know if it has a roof,it should though,oh and yes auto-transmission sucks what the hell were they thinking when they made it Auto?lol
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    It doesn't have a roof, it's just a concept anyway. The project has been pretty much scrapped, for a while they were trying to make it mid engined or something... now as far as i know its dead.

    The Lotus R340 doesnt have a roof either, and its a production vehicle <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Roofs are for weenies. My dad cut the roof of his barracuda in 1976, painted it red, white and blue and drove it to canada for the bicentenniel. He was dissappointed when he found no celebration there though.
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    roof's might be for "weenies", but its far more economical than a open top
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    Autos suck? You're an idiot. What's sad is that there are so many fools just like you who believe that by broadcasting an unfounded resentment for automatic transmissions, you will some how be validated as a geniune automotive enthusiast. You probably lack the hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity to effectively utilize a manual transmission. This car is more of a sports/grand tourer, much like Volantes. A manual shifter would not only present a physical obstacle, interfering with the genital CPR one would receive as a result of ownership of a vehicle of such splendor, but a mental obstacle as well, when one considers the mental attention a manual transmission demands. An auto, in my opinion suits this vehicle just perfectly.
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    It probably doesn't have a roof, because it is probably meant to be an extreme roadster, like the new Mercedes CLK-GTR Roadster. People who would buy one of these probably has other cars to choose between in bad weather.
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    it has a hard top roof.
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    So let me see here,I'm an Idiot because I don't like Auto hmmm,seems to me like you're the one that can't drive Manual dipshit.I not only know how to drive manual,but I have gotten road genital CPR(road head)while driving my Manual transmissioned Nissan 300ZX on the highway,no need to shift just leave it in 5th.So next time
    at least think before you post dickhead and insult somebody for no reason.I don't like Auto transmission,so what #$%# you learn to drive a Manual you pansy,and if you know how to drive a Manual then
    why get so offended,when somebody doesn't like Autotranny like me.
    I think Auto tranny is for pussyies and girls,such as yourself maggot!
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    Yeah it's such an extreme roadster with an Automatic transmission,lol.
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    WHAT?? This car should have a manual in the fact that it is a true GT car. Where do you get sports/grand tourer, it doesnt even have a roof!
    This car was meant to be driven not just to cruise up and down the stret with. Contrary to your belief, Jaguar does not just make luxury cars. They know how to make a sports car and thats what they were trying to prove with this concept. The reason it has a 5 speed auto is because they took it out of a production Jaguar (the XKR) and modified the engine a little. If this were to really go into production, Jaguar would give it a six speed manual and probably(unfortunatley) they would offer an auto for people like you who don't know how to drive a stick. A stick is second nature for me and i feel way more in contol of the car. But i guess since most of the people who would own this if it went into producion would be rich posers they would have to make an auto if they were to sell any. That's a shame.
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    there are buttons on the steering wheel to change the gears up and down. and to the little ***** that insulted AntiDomestic, you need to shut the #$%# up. so what if he doesnt like an autotranny, i dont either, and there is nothing wrong with that. you need to grow up and stop using "big" words to make it look like you know shit about cars.
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    ok, about this auto-issue...
    I as well can't see why they put an auto in this. great for cruising in XJ's and so on. but come on, not on this car though!!
    so perhaps most people wouls be faster in an auto, but I believe that the satisfaction you get by driving a manual is far greater.
    what a great feeling when you just heel-toeed your way through a hairspin!!
    something you'll never have in an auto

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