Does Mc777 still post?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeezus, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Last I heard he was getting married while trying to beat the flying lap challenge in the mercedes SLR on GT5 or something.
  2. No. Everyone pushed him out. I was about to make a similar thread about him
  3. nobody cares

    wheres AP now?
  4. ^
  5. last i heard he got banned from neogaf for being to much of a sony fanboy even for them
  6. You can find him on Same screen name.
  7. Scrolling down to his camera talk and you can tell it's him
  8. Who are you tho?
  9. second post in about a year, wrong thread. go me
  10. He's in still in Oly, and is doing well. He became a father recently.
  11. I thought he has been a father for like, a few years?

    If anyone still talks to him tell him I said Hello.
  12. He added me on Facebook yesterday. He's alive. He lives pretty close to me, but I haven't seen him in years and very seldom talk to him. I occasionally get a random email from him. His wife had a baby like a month ago, and he named it after Colin Mcrae, not joking.
  13. I will consider telling him that Jesus says hi. I wouldn't doubt for a minute that he lurks here still, though.
  14. Wife,
  15. I thought you were close like butter play toast?
  16. Please tell me his middle name is McRae, that would be amazing.

    I just envisage something like Colin McRae Hakkinen Ron Dennis McLarenF1 PS3 Longnecker

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  19. haha

    i remember that pic. i once posted that in general chat and somehow it ended up in some australian car thread and the pic of some aussie ute ended up in general chat. weirdest glitch i've seen to this date.
  20. There must be actual wormholes in the servers
  21. Oh, this thread again.
  22. Lol'd
  23. nobody cares about this bloody religious moronic zealot, hope he rots and suffers a horrible pain in hell
  24. somebody made this topic
    who aggressed you here?
  25. there are enough reasons to hate mac 777 and his religious zealotism angered me seriously

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