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  1. wtf are taxis counted as public transport?

    or do you have publicly funded taxis?...

    we have taxis but I wouldnt count them as public trasnport.
  2. buses and taxis if they're included.
  3. ya, buses, skytrain (overland "subway"/train thingee, except it's electric powered, and the longest automated system in NA), and a seabus...

    a good 10 years back, it was rated the best in north america... it hasn't really improved much.... during most times, it is actually faster to take the skytrain and/or bus, especialy if you're going downtown... a good lot of the busy streets all have bus lanes, and stuff...

    it's ok... i take the bus, only cuz it's super affordable... but someimtes, waits are horrendous.... it's 2 dollars cdn for a ticket, which is good for 90 minutes, so you can use it for transfering, or for a round trip, if it's a short one... 4 bucks if you're going all 3 'zones' across town... 8 bucks if you want a day pass...

    it's not a bad system, too bad the late nite buses that run till 4 don't really run by my house.... so... haha...
  4. Bus ,Train , Subway , Taxis and soon Tramway..

    Only the Subway works decently.
  5. bus system
  6. C-Train, Nigga!
  7. bus, train, subway with rape alleys.
  8. Obviously, we're not some 3rd world country over here.
  9. Public transports for uni-tafe student and creeps all, Normal people were scared off it years ago.
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