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  1. How do you guys keep your dog's teeth clean? Has anyone tried Bright Bites Dental Treats? How has it worked? I know there are other methods out there too like knuckle bones, bull sticks, brushing, etc.
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  5. try putting your dog in some acid, it will became whiter than ever.
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  7. Why do they have to be clean? You don't like kissing a dirty mouth?
  8. Clean it with Orbit, for a good clean feeling, no matter what.
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  10. We don't, it's a #$%#ing dog not your girlfriend.

    When you start keeping it's clean thing, next thing you know your 'dog' will be hanging out in backpacks and watching TV with you on the couch.
  12. Well you say that now...but the thing is, most dogs get gingivitis by age 3 and the vet bill for treating it is pretty expensive...but if you just feed your dog dental treats regularly, like Bright Bites and others, you can save money down the road.
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  14. you could brush your pets teeth with kits they sell at any pet store. some dogs simply refuse letting this happen at all costs, for really bad cases i know they will use anesthesia just to clean/repair dogs teeth
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  16. there are special bones you can buy at the pet store.
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  18. "Has anyone tried Bright Bites Dental Treats? has it worked?"
  19. Right buddy. Dogs going to the dentist. What the #$%# kind of caker takes his dog to the vet for gingivitis?

    My dog is like 6-7 years old, never cleaned his teeth with anything and I dunno if he has gingivitis or not, but he's not complaining and I'm not taking him to a vet to get his #$%#ing teeth checked out.

    Here's my suggestion, feed your dog decent quality food once a day, give him lots of water, lots of toys and walk him daily and your dog will be fine.

  20. lol my dog doesn't brush it's teeth, it's a dog, not a human
  21. Just buy a chew toy which is good for teeth.
    It's a dog, who gives a #$%#
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  24. i think deer clean/sharpen/whatevr their teeth with treebark. you can try that with your dog.

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