Domestics like Blow up Dolls?

Discussion in '2001 Honda NSX-R Concept' started by Torn18Si, Aug 9, 2002.

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    WS6, i couldnt agree with u more.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from WS6 46n2</i>
    <b>All cars have their pros and cons...</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    GOOD CALL!!!<!-- Signature -->
  3. A car is a reflection, or better yet an extention of the man who drives it.


    A blow up doll is almost a woman, but not quite. Same with domestic "sports" cars. Almost a sports car but not quite. If you have an exotic sports car you attract "top of the food chain" women.

    If you have a stock domestic you attract a sheep. If your car is slightly modified, you upgrade to a goat. And if your domestic is highly modified you attract a skanky white woman, with died blond hair, few teeth left, tight jeans, usually tucked into thier socks at the bottom, Keds shoes, and ciggarette in one hand and cheap domestic beer (Miller Light seems to be the prefferd choice) in the other. Basicly your typical trailor trash.

    Enough said.<!-- Signature -->
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    you're an idiot. enough said.

    when will people realize that just because a car is from here, or it's not the car they like that it doesnt suck. there are plenty of good sports cars from the US. they are just different. learn about both sides of the coin before u argue about it big guy.
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    u r a car racist, just because our domestics spank your little hondas doesnt mean u have to take your anger out on us<!-- Signature -->
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    Viper....ur quote is gay...the viper isnt THAT good. it's good, better than most cars, but there are ferrari's, porsches, and lamborghinis that can take any viper. and u are obviously a car racist as well. when will both of u see that domestics and imports are both good, they appeal to certain crowds. please learn both sides of the coin if u are going to argue.
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    BIGVTEC your a WANK!!!!. Guess what i'd hate to tell you but most of the world out there don't think that cars are all that special. They think they're something with four wheels a motor and gets them from A to B. The only reflection we get is from your post and guess what it shows that your a MORON. White chicks with bleach blonde hair....uuummm if you really think hard you could probably think of some pretty sexy looking ones for instance Pamela Anderson. I was just wondering if your one of these people that spend all their money on theis cars and still work in a super market.
    Guess what again most of the richest people in the world don't act as though they are, its just the wanks that know they aren't that try to impress people. Just because you drive an import doesn't mean shit. I live in Australia and its cheaper to buy a import than it is a domestic car.
    One of the good reasons is that they thrash the shit out of their cars in japan sell after five years and do the same thing again. Then us Dicks think hell a bargain and go and buy them. Also if you look at some of the greatest car collections in the world one of the most common cars found in them is a 56-57 CHEVY BEL AIR and a SELBY COBRA.

    P.S. Can you tell me what car you actually drive not wish to drive and then we can compare it to those "White Trash" cars as you so intelegently put it.<!-- Signature -->
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    So you wanna be number what on Pamela's list of F*cked Guys? And don't rat on the Cobra, that's untouchable...<!-- Signature -->
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    RAT on the COBRA F@#! NO I'm trying to highlight that that is one of the most sought after cars. Mate look at how old it is and still has B.S. performance man give me one anyday. If you can honestly say that Pamela isn't some what attracive then I'd question your sexuality.But anyway this is a car site not a porn room. But I also doubt if your agreing with BIGVTEC.<!-- Signature -->
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    Big VTEC? I've seen your postings in other forums and it basically boils down to this: You're a loser for bombing on domestics without even giving them a chance. You immediately label any American car as crap. Guess what that's called? Bigotry. Get your head out of your ass and open up your mind a little, huh? All cars have their pros and cons...<!-- Signature -->
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    I think bigVtec is a wannabe Japanese guy. He probably is "white trash". (I got no problem with "White Trash". Kingston Jamaica yute yaso!). But he seems to have a major problem.

    I guess they do the samething in JA as they seem to do in Austrailia (After hearing from NOjapcrap). A big shipment of OLD Japanese cars are sent down to JA every 5 years or so. And many of the High Roller types are driving F-150s and Lightnings. (At least it was the big thing when I went back in 1999).

    And I don't want to here "what do Jamaicans or Westindians know about cars?" like I've herd many times before. PEEP this site. see how it's done in the West-Indies.

    peep these vids here. These bastards can drive with the very best.<!-- Signature -->
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    ANALOGIC, yep must be the easy thing to do. The Import car thing has spread like wild fire. Every man and his dog is opening up a import shop.<!-- Signature -->

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