Domestics Suck!

Discussion in '2000 Mugen SS2200 Concept' started by import demon, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Domestics Suck!

    I read somewhere that the equivelant cost for a horsepower tuned into this Mugen car is a block of gold *cough*ripoff*cough and not to mention the ugliness of this sad attempt at a supercar.
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    What a silly guy! If jap cars are so bad at dealing with train tracks and all that lark, then why are you boasting about BMW? Most american cars are soft suspension cause american roads are class, straight and wide and smooth. In Europe, it's not like that, esp in Ireland! If we here in the emerald isle want to travel on our little bumpy roads in comfort, we'd buy something with nice soft suspension... can come from any country, Honda Legend, Nissan Maxima, Lexus LS400, BMW 5 and 7 series, whatever. If we want more sporty performance, we go for NSX's, Skylines, Supras, M5's, M3's or things like that. We don't go sitting in one car and laughing and "woooooow"-ing at all other cars. Grow up. Buy whatever you feel like buying.
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    I prefer lower end torque, off the line acceloration, that way you know you're gonna get the power you want right off the line, and not have to wait, because in a drag race, what if time runs out, you have to slow down etc, before your high end torque finally kicks in. Just a thought.
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    But if you're so lame as to drag race anyway, then you might as well pop the clutch at a high rpm, you'll get off the line just as quickly, and after that point, the high end power is far more effective.
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    OK, well if you have the money, that same vette will smoke that same import. I;m sick of these import car drivers thinking that their car with all the money put into it can smoke a stock V8. But, if you put the same amount ove money or even less amount that V8 will kill the imort. Pull your heads outta your asses.
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    I think the idea behind that logic is how much it's going to cost overall. Not saying I agree with that logic. But it's kind of cool that you can get an EF chassis Civic to run 12.5 for $9000.
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    alright say we each get 60g's you buy any domestic you can afford i buy any import i want each of us tune what we want to tune/can afford to tune I GUARANTEE ILL SMOKE YOU and pasword dude if you go and ban me for telling him of imports and their L4's and how they're runnin 9's with ease while domestics and their v8's are runnin 9's with ease just wait til imports start movin up L6's v6's v8's and maybe one day even an L8 oohhh that will be great
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    he's right you know
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    Why would I ban you, I don't even have the power to do so, even if I wanted to.
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    I believe both imports and domestic cars both have there good sides and bad and there are good imports and good domestic cars so why does it matter which is better overall.
  12. Don't you mean I-8

    a Flat-8 might be cool.

    But anyway, why would I want a Domestic? When Imports have far more potential overall for less money?
  13. LMAO!
  14. It depends alot more than on reliability. There is no need for a truck engine to go to 10,000rpm

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