Domstic Punks

Discussion in '2000 Lotus M250 Concept' started by CarKing, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. All you domestic punks that think that 8 cyls are the best bring your car up aginst this beast and watch it go bye-bye, this car could kick any domestic cars ass, heck this thing could waste a 12 cylider domestic engine in 4 sec. Yo domestic idiots pull your head outta your ass and smell the exhaust of this cruiser. (all domestic boys can suck my hair nuts)
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    first of all dumbass, you should learn how to spell. Secondly surely they are very high compression vut there is no way they can beat the Z06, viper GTS or Mustang SVT cobra. THis kind of light car is probably made of fiberglass giving it a weight advantage. So you can go suck your own hairy nuts you ugly ass biatch.
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    europe_car whatever, please learn to spell,

    ITS EUROPE<!-- Signature -->
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    The first post hear was one of the most biast comments on this site. For some one who i guesse was trying to be non-partison, he sure came off as a jack ass who doesnt know shit. The ways that americans and lotus make cars are much different, and in the end it comes down to personal preffrence. Some people like the front engine, big block, RWD monsters that america make (i happen to) and they have their advantages and dissadvantages. For an advantage they are real easy to get a lot of power from but they weigh more. Lotuses on the other hand prefer light cars that handle well but dont always get the kind of power numbers that the american cars get. So it all comes down to personal preffrence and what you like, so dont argue this age old argument and just wait till race day.<!-- Signature -->

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