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  1. everyone should stop comparing this car to other (better) cars just because it has a good 0-60 time and a good 1/4 mile time
    those are the only things that this car could do respectfully
    i don't think this car would get anywhere one a track cuz it would get raped
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    Do you know what we call posts that continually compare the Viper to everything? Spam.

    Guess what this is... You're right, Spam.
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    do us a favor and break your keyboard because you, my friend, are a total moron. Come back when you learn something.
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    Skidpad: 1.06g
    Braking, 60-0 mph: 110 ft
    Slalom Speed: 75.1 mph

    (BTW, if you look through the 800tt forum you'll find this car was compared with other "better" cars, yet in most comparisons, the 800tt performance and handling #'s were better than the others)
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    Because they are RETARDED!
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    Because they are RETARDED! And they play too manny games.
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    Because they CAN'T HANDLE. If you've read an issue of Motor Trend titled "Detriot Muscle", which pitted a Cobra R, Z06, and a Viper against each other, the Viper got torn on the track by the others. Yes, by a Cobra R. The Z06 won the track portion with the fastest time. I don't know why Vipers don't handle well with their HUGE tires, but that's probably just because of their design (big, bulky, sexy eye candy).
    By the way I think Vipers are AWESOME cars:D.
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    maybe you should read C&D's best handling cars for over 30k.

    "The 450-horsepower Viper GTS was fastest around the track with an average speed of 93.1 mph, but power couldnt take all the credit. At each of the three corners we analyzed, the Viper was among the top-three finishers in average lateral acceleration, too. This car felt brutish at Nelson Ledges, with seemingly bottom-less reservoirs of power, braking, and grip with which to experiment."

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    i don't know what SFA means
    But i would think that good 60-0 braking and slalom speeds would transfer over to good track times (and if they don't, then why do magazines do these tests??) <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Vipers are awesome they are fast and handle well. Thats it no shit.
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    Slalom is actually a measure of agility. While a car with high skidpad ratings and slalom speeds doesn't garuntee great handling, it is true more often than not. There's plenty of other ways to prove the Viper does indeed handle well. It can beat the Ferrari 360 Modena around most courses, so I think that would indicate handling, would it not?
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    Could there be a reason why the viper is a multi-time lemans champion?
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    "when you go around a corner then stand on the accelerator again with all the torque this car has it is going to spin its wheels for ages."

    some viper GTS-R's at LeMans had up to 700hp and 650lbs of torque and were able to take corners better than most cars(not spinning the tires, and winning)
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    Actually the Viper has never won Lemans, only a few GTS class victories, and those that have those championships are modded beyond recognition. No trace of Viper in those race cars.
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    - "No trace of a viper in those cars" Are you kidding me?

    I've been to garage where they build racing vipers out of stock vipers
    and basically what you do is that you get rid of all interior, install a roll cage, tune the engine, racing clutch, and new suspension.

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    There are many racing Vipers, which factory did you visit? Also, not all competitions allow 8L of displacement to be used, so the engine must be extensively modified. They also replace many, many pieces with more durable, more efficient ones.
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    Well the Team Oreca Viper GTS-R and the Stryker Viper r the best Racing Vipers!

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