Don't like it.

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  1. Ugly, Does'nt look like a Ferrari.
  2. thats what people said about the Enzo man and look at it now, its a radical design though i dunno i might appreciate it more in a couple of years.
  3. Can you be more specific?
  4. this looks just amazing..kind of retro looking and look at the back , wow
  5. Ugly nose, ugly from the side, ugly back.

    It looks to much like an cheap kitcar.
  6. are those two white things at the back exhaust pipes? if so interesting design
  7. nice rims too
  8. It lucks ugly. I love Ferrari but this thing looks like a freaking cockroach from the front.
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    Here's my first thoughts on the car:
    (the following is my own opinion, so please don't flame me, post your own opinion instead ^_^ )

    - What's up with the Stargate Chevron rims? Just look at the link below.

    - Too bad the cut-out behind the front wheel doesn't follow the flow of the rest of the car. Every angle flows towards the rear, but this "wraps" itself around the front wheel.

    - Those top two exhaust pipes look like periscopes... see link below.
    It would look better if they joined the 2 exhaust pipes below the car (near the diffusers).

    - The back grill is way too big for just 2 lights and a license plate.

    - The horizontal "wing" bits at the left and right side of the front-end don't look very nice. (Yes, it's for creating downforce, but it's still ugly)

    - The fighter plane windows/roof combination seems out-of-place.

    - The rear view mirrors are placed too high. All in the name of raciness I'm sure, but they still look like a bug's antenna's :p

    All in all, it's not too bad, but it's not exceptionally pretty either...
  10. So it actually does look like a Ferrari? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>

    kidding, I dig it.
  11. I was trying to figure out what I didn't like about the looks and that pretty much explains it.
  12. I think it is the best looking Ferrari since the F50.
  13. this thing is fugly. especially those rims
  14. I actually like the car. I agree with the fact that it doesn't strike as a Ferrari, but is a gorgeous car, nonetheless. To top that off, they managed to reduce its weight!
  15. It seems that Ferrari will now build cars like this one...whatever. I'm not to sure but due to its power, is this car gonna be the Enzo replacer or just another supercar?
  16. I think it looks alright but I hate the exhausts,I think its ugly.
  17. How can you say it doesn't look like a Ferrari? He didn't just drop off his Enzo, he dropped off his P4 as well. That's where they got the inspiration from. It's a modern interpretation of a priceless classic.
  18. First thing first.
    Those of you who say it doesnt look like a Ferrari need to get your ayes tested. Compare it to an number of different Ferraris and ferrari concepts and race cars and you will see a resemblance. Compare it to the 1993 333SP, 1969 312P, 1967 330P4, 1958 412S, 1989 Mythos concept, 2005 GG50 concept, 1987 F40, and the Enzo to name a few.

    The white things sticking up I dont think are exhaust pipes, look at the rear shot of the car and you can see two exhaust tips sticking out flushed up to the bottom near the chrome bits. But they could be 2 additional exhaust pipes being it is a 12 cylinder engine, I do agree they dont quite fit the car though, they look out of place.
  19. Yeah, they are additional exhaust pipes, to avoid melting pedestrians.
  20. most of you are wrong. it does look good, and it does look like a ferrari. you stupid dense retards just have shitty taste.
  21. I think this looks very much like a Ferrari and will out perform loads of other supercars
  22. it looks fricken nice!
  23. nice rims, shit car. this sorta thing comes up every now and then...
  24. This is a such a nice car its totaly different
  25. I dont really hate/love it. I spose it'll have to grow on me.

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