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Discussion in '1999 Cadillac Steinmetz Catera Concept' started by DANVM, Sep 14, 2002.

  1. It's the same exact idea that stupid teens do with their Civics, Celicas and a number of other cheap japanese cars. Only this is RWD.
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    Your ignorance is truly detrimental to your ethos.
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    just shutup and talk about smart things that people can reply to, i have to say this is one of the nicest, cleanest, cateras ive seen
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    i would buy an american car, but theyve been slacking lately, come on,they have 3 performance cars at the moment, vette, cobra, viper.
    not buying em.
    now if this pos was to come out, why would i but it, why wouldnt i just buy a wrx, lancer evo 8, or a tt
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    It should've gotten a V-8. preferably a 5.7, but the Northstar would do.
    They (Opel) announced once that they were going to built a 5.7 V8 Omega. it never came though. The E55 and M5 were already well established. Shame. Would love to see a V8 Omega.
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    Holden and HSV had V8 Omegas. The V8 Northstar wasn't designed for longitudinal mounting (although the one in the XLR is, that's irrelevant because the Omega was out of production before the XLR was even announced)
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    wow, how stupid can people get? o ya, this guy is the stupidest.
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    As far as i know, yeah holdens are Omegas with V8s which have been developed arent they (sorry if i am wrong) and also, as far as i know in the UK the holden is still sold/produced. Any one have any idea if i am right?
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    No you are very very wrong indeed.

    Holden's Commodore and Statesman (Lwb) are not just rebadged Omegas - they are fresh australian automotive engineering (like our Monaro/your Pontiac GTO).

    Holden is not sold in the UK - althought Vauxhill (sp?) were looking into importing a very few of the Monaros and were considering ripping off the Commodore to replace the Omega (they decided against this as the Omega had already eaten up so much time and money).
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    o k thanks, sorry just wondered, i hear that in mid/late 2004 they are importing the monaro to the uk <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> gonna be good.
  11. the Omega is still available in the UK! it was given a face lift in 2001 and is known as the omega C. the Holden Monaro is available in the UK as a Vauxhall Monaro and is well priced at around 30k GBP! but loose money like mad with second han prices dropping, this is because a gallon of petrol in the UK costs around 5 GBP and 5.7/6.0 V8's drink fuel + the dealers know there not Vauxhalls and dont like to work on them, so getting things fixed can be a problem. they are sold as a rival to things line the Jag XKR both are large 3 door coupes with around 400bhp and RWD, unfortunatly the commodore and the monaro are nothing more than related to the omega, shairing only the floor pan and some other minor parts! when you see them parkd next to one another you can see that the cars resemble each other but they are NOT sister cars, although the Monaro has been given a differant front end and is sold in the USA as a pontiac GTO. you would not look at this car if you wanted an evo, if you want a rally car compair rally cars to one another but dont look at a 5door family saloon that weighs almost 2 tons! my best mate has a Evo VIII MR FQ330 and he loves my Omega Elite because it is comfatable and quick, and i Love his Evo coz it is striped out focused and Fast! their differant cars

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