Don't piss off a croc

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  2. If some dude was hitting me on the nose, I'd try to take his arm off, too...
  3. Ugh that was sick
  4. Hahaha! Oh man, that last part of the clip where there's blood all over and the crocodile has his mouth open. Thats wonderful.
  5. That was amusingly sick.. and the guy was amusingly dumb
  6. retarded human..
  7. Serves the stupid idiot right. Who the hell toys with a wild animal and then shoves their arm down the animal's throat!
  8. A stupid Chinese circus man.
  9. Evidently.
  10. That was the "Croc Farm" in Thailand....and the trainer was not trained well....careless and inattentive would be a BIG understatement
  11. as soon as anything in the mouth of that beast is touched in any way under those circumstances it automatically snaps shut.

    I saw a similar video where the guy tried that with his head and the one thing that spelled disaster was a single drop of sweat dripping onto the crocs tongue, that was it, the jaws slammed shut just because of that.

    Besides putting his arm in, the real mistake this guy in this vid made was TOUCHING the inside of the mouth.
  12. Love it. Thank you.
  13. Do you know where i could find this video?
  14. He was asking for it.
  15. actually it was on tv, less eventful than this one, bunch of people had to come and try to pry the jaws open with sticks and bars. Luckily the croc wasnt into doing the death roll that day or he would have ripped the guys head right off.
  16. Big mistake.
  17. Seriously that's one poorly trained sap, I think for a split second you can see that the croc took off most of his arm.
  18. Owned. Like a little #%!@. The croc has the twist too (no pun intended) to snap the arm off.

    That's cool.

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