Don't Tase Me Bro

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ging, May 2, 2012.

  1. That's not how it happened in The Terminal!
  2. Is tanisha also a black male?
  3. no, but she probably still looks like an offensive lineman
  4. Food Lion isn't really low-end, at least not around here.
  5. When compared to the Lowes Foods, Harris Teeter & Ingles here it is. Only Compare Foods is lower than Food Lion here of comparable size.
  6. every food lion that ever existed around here was, how you say, horribly shitty.
  7. id be suprised if someone tased me and i had an neurection for a month
    if it could stimulate the right part of the brain it might happen then my supermodel girlfriends would be getting hella action
  8. These are the facts. The Taser shouldn't be over-applied.
  9. *Sits on computer and gives opinions about what cops should and shouldn't do in situations I've never been and am unwilling to put myself in*
  10. oh shut the heck up man.

  11. ive been in that position before. the trick is to get so unruly that people would rather just run away instead of calling the cops.
  12. #$%# the police maaaan
    occupy wall street!

  13. This weekend my buddies jumped into a friends car who was sober driving us around. When we got to a BBQ another friend was hosting, a cop (who we didnt notice was following us) flipped on his lights, yelled "Get back in the fUcking car!" and drew his taser on a buddy of mine. The green laser dot was on his chest. When he came to the car he was shaking from his adrenaline.

    Honestly, how did cops handle drunk college kids getting out of a car without having a taser in the past? God Bless America.
  14. how?
    with backup and batons and ma$e
  15. ya but we're white so force wasnt necessary
  16. Quite a lot of COPS is based upon white trash.
  17. shouldn't have resisted the authorities
  18. So, basically don't break the law and you wont have to worry about being tazed? Seems legit to me.
  19. ugh who cares
    seriously WHO CARES
    you guys don't actually care about soemone getting tased
    so stop acting like yo uhave opinions about tasers
    yo udont care if anyone gets tased
    why would you care
    who cares
  20. typical cop engaging in unprofessional behaviours. i hope someone videofilmed it "on tape" and sent it in2 the station so they could ignore it and not do anything because they are lazy.

    Who will police the police ???


  21. Some people need to be tased.

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